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Sell Mine Help


Listing your equipment is completely FREE. There is only a fee as a part of our Buying Price when we actually sell it for you.

There are no costs or fees for listing equipment on the EX-FACTORY (EXF) website. At the same time, you also may advertise equipment through other companies and/or services; EXF only requests to be advised when you advertise with others, and they or you sell it.

EXF gets paid only when it sells your equipment by providing services through its marketing, promotion, and sales efforts.

Typically, EXF's fee is the difference between the "Net Price, you the Seller established or accepted" and the price EXF is able to negotiate with a Buyer. EXF does not receive commission or fees, nor will it receive income should you sell equipment yourself or take it off the market.

As a service and on your behalf, EXF oversees the entire sales transaction from Buyer price negotiations, presents the Buyer's offer(s) to you for approval, and submits a Purchase Order to you, the Seller. Other behind the scene services include an Invoice to the Buyer, fund collection, payment to you, and in most cases, transportation/freight logistic arrangements on behalf of the Buyer to facilitate equipment transfer from your facility to the Buyer's.

For its services, EXF expects to generate ...15% - 25% Gross Margin to cover these marketing and operating expenses, and generate a profit for sales staff. The range depends on the equipment $-amount and the competitive situation of a particular sales transaction.

In a nutshell, you have the equipment for sale; we provide all services to secure a Buyer and close the sale.

Supply us with correct specifications and a truthful statement as to the condition of the equipment; have it cleaned up, make it presentable, and document it with a series of photos; ... from that point forward, we handle the rest, including payment to you when we complete the sales transaction on your behalf!.

Getting Started with "Sell Mine"

You must have an EX-FACTORY Account (Free) to use "Sell Mine". When you access the "Sell Mine" feature you will be prompted to login:

Once you register and/or login, you enter the "User Home Page". Select the "Add a New SellMine Listing" to begin.

You are guided through (6) steps with a "Progress" line:

As the Step Descriptions above suggest, it is an "intuitive" process. Should you require immediate assistance, please call Customer Service at 800-374-5009 or email

If you prefer, we can list the equipment for you. Just send us a list of what you'd like to sell, and include (1 or 2) photos of each item. We do the rest!