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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


    [Product Manager] is a great guy. I've known him for years. I hope he just got bad information. - Gary Norberg

    Please let your Management know that [Product Manager] was great to work with last week. I really appreciated their efforts. - Casey Schmidt

    Thanks for your call today. The CANTEK Dovetail Machine is working great, and their customer service was great in helping get the machine set up. I'm very happy that I went with the CANTEK. Thanks for your help in getting his machine for me. - Dave Grattan

    Thank you very much for the best service we have ever got from the supplier. Excellent work! - Alexandra Skomorokha

    [My Buying Experience] was smooth. We had been looking for this piece of equipment for a long time and were very pleased to find it on your website. I made a call and had it bought. That's cool. Thanks, Mark Sommers

    Thanks for all of your help with trying to resolve this problem. I was actually talking to my brother, and we will search and remedy the missing screen carriages. There is no reason for you to talk to [the manufacturer] about them. We will only get a few key components from them and probably have a local guy fab some others to cut costs. The main thing for you to make sure it happens is that he Seller holds true to his word of offering me ...$ 1,000 for this hassle. Once again, thanks for helping me. - Eric Kreidermacher

    Thank you, for getting back to me. … I've been buying equipment from most of the East Coast used equipment dealers and auction houses for the last eight or so years (slowly, I might add), plus during that time have attended many of the larger east coast furniture plant auctions, both pre- & post-9/11… I'm afraid I'm one of those odd individuals who pick out my latest copies of the monthly prices realized from The Book or my most recent Classified Exchange before I crack open my latest issue of Playboy. As always it is a pleasure dealing with you and your knowledgeable company. I have spent many early morning hours looking over EX-FACTORY's inventory dreaming of the day when I will be able to afford many of the more automated machines you have… My regards to [your Product Managers], and the whole crew at EX-FACTORY. You guys are tops in my book. I guess we're all learning from each other how this buy and sell thing works… Thanks again for the heads up reminder. You're being very professional in your follow up and I like that. - Regards from Adam Thomson

    Everyone drops the ball sometimes. Good Luck. Jim Weingartner

    I wanted to make one last contact with you regarding the ANDI "Exxact" we purchased from you October 10, 2003. - First of all, thanks so much for helping us make the purchase. We did find things worked out very well considering everything. - You will remember my men had gone to Kansas to hear the spindle run, and when they go there, it was not operational. The agreement was we would listen to the spindle run over the phone. That was a mistake, because listening to a spindle run via cell phone is not a workable substitute. When we got the machine, we only ran it a very short time until we found it breaking bits, making a terrible growl at speeds above 5,000 rpm etc. - When my technician disassembled the spindle, the bearings were shot, the armature was out of balance, and the cups that hold the tools were so badly worn they seated at top rather than at the bottom edge. That was a low ebb in our CNC experience. - But as it turned out, new bearings cost $1,200, a motor shop balanced the armature, and a local machine shop was skilled to machine out the cup for the tools, and only one was too badly worn and needed to be discarded. These additional items cost me $500.00 so for $1700.00 above other expected costs we now believe we have the machine in fairly top notch shape. - We have been running the machine all the last two weeks, and it has been performing as is expected of a good machine. - So that is pretty much our story at this point. I don't feel the folks in Kansas really told us the whole story, but that is life. I feel you did all that you promised, and would not hesitate to purchase from you again if and when opportunity affords. - Steve

    Overall positive experience. Questions were answered or information received promptly. Good price and reasonable lead time for new equipment. - Michael L. Nowery


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