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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank [the Service Technician] and [Product Manager] from EXF for his prompt decision and efficient and very professional handling of this [sale]. I would also like to immensely thank [the Product Manager] from XS-Machinery for the good work in very effectively creating the listing of the machinery on their website. - Prior to my retirement this March, I used to deal with many a people (from all over the globe) through phone to get various logistics and other issues resolved. With that background, I must say that I found it so easy to conduct business with [the EXF Product Manager] on the other end. I would appreciate if you could bring this remarks from me to the senior management of your company. - Once again Thank you so much for your help and assistance. Looking forward to doing more business with you. Keep in touch. - Hari Suthan, Owner

    My contact at Ex-Factory, Ed Webb, was very helpful and responded to my questions in short order. Very helpful trying to accommodate shipping requirements and schedule. Ex-Factory score a big A+.

    I think the $75 is very acceptable under circumstances and also a good business decision on your company's part. I have gone the extra step in my business to keep a customer happy. - After all, one person saying bad things about your company can offset 100 people saying good things and cost you money in the end. - I will accept your offer and say good things about you guys. - John Saxon

    My Buying Experience Was: Terrible. - Mike Bauman, Manufacturing Serviceman

    My Buying experience… some parts are missing, but I haven't had time to find out what all is gone. The [machine] is in excellent condition. The only problem was that was the shiipper never called 24 hours prior to delivery (as stated in the paperwork), so it took a little more work to get it to my shop. Shipper left machine at a storage/transfer company. - All in all I guess things could have gone a little better, but that won't stop me from considering EX-FACTORY next time I need something. - Mark Kummer

    Unexpectedly easy and straightforward. - Bruce Colley

    I would like to thank you for all of the effort that you have given towards ATK in the purchase and “DELIVERY” of 2 ovens in such an expeditious manner. The time frame that was given and the cross country travel required for our receipt of the ovens before 1 April was done not only with professionalism, but also with kind words and honesty. I just wanted to let you know that I personally enjoyed the chance to work with you and all of your constituents. I am still hoping for the drawings of the 2 ovens and the wiring diagram if you can manage. Again, Thank You. - Michael W. Humphrey

    Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The broken part is really insignificant and easily replaceable. Saturday morning's "did you know this Saw is broken" question from the trucker ends up being 99% false alarm which is very good news. The Saw was well tarped and the trucker was friendly and quite helpful at this end. I managed to locate a friend with a Fork Lift so the unloading ended up going well also. I want to thank the seller for storing the machine through the winter. That was very helpful and much appreciated. I also want to thank everyone for all the help and good service. I am quite happy how everything turned out and do not expect or want any compensation from the seller. I look forward to having the Band Saw completely restored and then looking for some more machines to outfit my shop. If you know or hear of nice machines closer to my home, or anything special I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you again. - John Olson

    [Product Manager] was excellent. - Lois Couch, Partner

    Everything was handled professionally. I have bought several pieces of equipment before (from you) and I've always had a very good experience. I truly appreciate the fact that the descriptions of the conditions of the equipment are very accurate. I buy with confidence. I would, and in fact, recommend you to other shop owners when the subject of equipment purchase arises. - Mario Aldape


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