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EX-FACTORY Privacy Policy

User Information - EX-FACTORY INC. is the sole owner of information collected on our web site. We will not sell, share, rent, offer or give user information to any other party; collects user information at several points on our web site.

Registration - Some services offered to our users require an "account." The user must complete registration information such as name, company, email address and phone number.

Log Files - We utilize log files for internal use only for the purpose of web site improvement.

Equipment Watch - We require "account" information if a user requests e-Mail notification of equipment as it becomes available on our web site.

SellMine - We require "account" information if a user requests to list his/her equipment for sale on our web site.

Online Leasing - We require only standard "account" information if a user requests "online leasing" services through our web site. Information collected for the purpose of leasing approval (such as social security number, bank account numbers, etc.) is requested, retained and managed by NATIONAL CAPITAL LEASING, Charlotte, NC.

Security - EX-FACTORY takes every precaution to protect user's information, both online and off-line. Sensitive information (such as requested for credit card purchases) is encrypted and protected by CYBERCASH.

Communications - Some of our services such as "Equipment Watch" automatically generate a "welcoming" email. When user information is changed and becomes incorrect (such as email address or phone number) EX-FACTORY staff will contact the user (phone, FAX, mail) for corrections. Established users on occasion may also receive other communications via FAX, email, standard mail, or phone regarding special promotions. Each communication contains an option to decline such promotions in the future. See OPT-OUT below.

Opt-out - Users who do not wish to receive EX-FACTORY communications may opt-out by clicking here to notify us."

Policy Changes - Any PRIVACY POLICY changes will be posted on our web site.