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Appraisal Home

Appraisal Types

EX-FACTORY INC. offers full Appraisal Services for businesses or financial institutions alike. Our Appraisal Team offers a variety of options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization such as:

  • On-site appraisals with complete documentation.
  • Desktop appraisals based on documentation of the assets supplied to us.
  • Online Appraisal dynamically generated through our interactive web-based Appraisal Application.

EX-FACTORY INC. understands the different reasons for Appraisals; the final Appraisal documentation is guided by those objectives. Equipment Appraisals necessary for a company buyout or takeover have a different Appraisal perspective than an Appraisal for a bank that is considering financing for a company to purchase a large asset or to assist in a distress situation.

Appraisal Values

All Appraisal values are documented in a Low-to-High range. We can supply any or all of the following:

  • In-place Value – is the cost to purchase similar equipment and have it installed in similar operable conditions.
  • Fair Market Value – is the selling price a willing buyer and a willing seller would likely agree to in a non-distressed situation.
  • Liquidation Value – is the selling price a willing buyer and a distressed seller would likely agree to in a distressed non-time critical situation.
  • Auction Value – is the selling price an opportunistic buyer would likely bid during an auction.

EX-FACTORY INC. has been selling Used Woodworking Machinery since 1989. We have bought and sold tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment over two decades. There is no other organization better suited to provide you with a more accurate and timely appraisal of woodworking equipment assets.