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Model:   BDH/LC/LCFT
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2022
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
EXF #:   RG-011284
List Price:   $ 85,000  
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ROSE MACHINERY BDH/LC/LCFT Automated Infeed System
Automated, high speed Infeed System for Gang Rip Saws of all makes and models and other similar machines.

  • 5-Arm Breakdown Hoist - Electric hoist accepts loads 4' wide x 4' high x 4' - 24' long; 10 HP gear motor (with brake) powers the hoist and holds the load.
  • Hoist actuated through foot switches for up & down; limit switches provide max. up & down positions; (5) lifting arms tilt load at 50° allowing layers to spill onto the takeaway conveyor; 16,000 Lbs. max. lift cap.
  • Landing Chain - Features: (6) Strands of roller chain; powered by a 5 HP gear motor at 60 FPM nominal rate.
  • Tail end constructed with integral slide, stock transits from Breakdown Hoist; head shaft & gear motor supported by tubular steel frame with bolts to allow for leveling at installation.
  • Material stops at the head end so the operator can flip & grade each piece.
  • Chain races fabricated from steel, UHMW PE wear strips on the top race and on the return race; conveyor is 42' long.
  • Magnetic motor starter with foot switch for operator to start & stop of the chain.
  • Lateral Chain Feed Table "LCF2013-20": Feeds material 3" - 10" wide x 4' to 24' long x 1" to 3" thick; variable 50 - 200 FPM Feed rate; adjustable fence throughout 3/4" range for alignment with the Rip Saw (or other machines).
  • (6) 30" long, low friction steel flattop infeed chains for long life non-marking transport; 1 HP gear motor.
  • (3) Powered smooth steel & non-marking feed rolls, 2 HP gear motor; rolls & chains controlled by variable speed drives.
  • (3) Overhead pinch rollers, 5" dia., urethane covered; 1st (2) pinch rollers powered by individual 2-1/2" bore air cylinders to singulate pieces onto a 2' bridge; 3rd roller keeps the board moving on the bridge; pinch rolls triggered by photoelectric cells.
  • Note: Fabricated frames and appropriate parts of the items in this quotation will be painted with (1) coat of industrial grade Shady Lane Green enamel; guards and appropriate moving parts painted with Safety Orange.
  • All gear motors, mechanical equipment, limit switches, sensors or photoelectric devices, as required for each item of this quotation, are supplied and mounted; all pneumatic cylinders or other pneumatic power devices and their valves supplied and mounted; connecting hoses & fittings installed.
  • Filter/Regulator units supplied, mounted, and connected by hose to the valves; Note: Compressed air service to equipment is by others.
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