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EXF #:   PD-300349  


Model:   WP-20L-V4
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   230/460/575 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
List Price:   $ 59,500  
Our Price:   $ 58,700 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 1,180 National Capital Leasing
Description:    (view full)

CAM-WOOD WP-20L-V4 4-Sided, 4-Head Planer/Moulder, 4” High x 20” Wide - 6" HIGH OPTIONAL

Designed for furniture, cabinet, flooring, intermittent planing mill work, and other industrial uses. Perfect Planer for S2S and S4S planing, tongue & groove flooring, wall paneling, etc. up to approximately 65 FPM depending on depth of cuts and dimensions of parts. 


  • 2 or 4-Sided Planning Capacity: 4” high x 20” wide. 6" high optional
  • Width from 3/4" to 20”; height from 3/8” to 4”; min. length of 20”, max. length unlimited. Min. thickness; 1/4" Top & Bottom Heads and1" at the Side Heads
  • All spindles accept slip-on cutterheads; bottom head with up to 1/2" depth of cut, top head with up to 1/2" profile depth and 5/16" depth of cut when planing full width; side spindles with up to 1" profile depth (See end of quote for tooling choices) 
  • Touch screen with Digital Positioning Controller for thickness adjustment; material width adjusts by hand-wheel
  • Horizontal heads are belt driven at 5,000 RPM by 15 HP motors. 
  • Vertical spindles are belt driven at 5,000 RPM by 10 HP motors. 
  • Top head will profile up to 1/2” pattern depths; 5/16” maximum stock removal when planing
  • Bottom Cylinder will surface with up to 1/2" depth of cut
  • One-piece spindle & cutterhead assembly slides out of the Planer onto the service carriage for ease of servicing bottom head.
  • Right & left side spindles are 4” long x 40mm diameter and have a max. moulding depth of 1”.  6" side spindles are optional

    Feed System;
  • Feed system runs at 10 to 65 FPM and is powered by (2) each 2 HP Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's)
  • (1) VFD powers the Infeed and (1) VFD powers the top outfeed rolls
  • Total of (6) Powered top feed rolls, 80 mm dia.; (2) infeed, (2) intermediate, and (2) outfeed roll locations
  • Top powered feed rolls are air cylinder loaded for increased feeding and surfacing capabilities when running uneven material 
  • (4) Non-Powered bottom infeed and (4) non-powered outfeed table rolls, 60 mm dia.; provides a smooth feed
  • Robust 20-1/2” wide, surfaced, hard chromed and polished tables and fences.

  • Huge capacities: from 4” high x 20 wide, 2-sided and 4-side planing and profile work
  • Option for 6" high x 20" wide S2S and S4S, and profile work
  • Separate motor for each spindle, all belted drives
  • Automatic Thickness Control from the control screen
  • Spindle travel is via precision Ball Screws
  • Heavy-duty spindle assemblies for durability & smooth finishes
  • Rigidly mounted alloy steel spindles ride in precision bearings to provide accurate and vibration-free transfer of power
  • Top spindle height adjustment entered via HMI Touch Screen Control with PLC.
  • Left (outside) side spindle width adjustment set with Ball Screw and digital readout
  • 5,000 RPM belt-driven spindle speeds at all heads
  • Variable feed speeds via Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Compact construction with exclusive see-through top guard
  • Massive fabricated plate steel frame, heat-treated and stress relieved for vibration-free finishes
  • Industrial TEFC motors with sealed-for-life ball bearings
  • Electricals with CSA and UL components throughout
  • Machine Size; 76” Long x 52” Wide x 67” High x 5,200 lbs.


  • 6" maximum working height, Add $2,535
  • Type MP Carbide Side Head Tooling for profile work. Price on request.

    Bottom Spindle Tooling:
     ● HMR Series Solid Straight Spiral Head; (6) rows of 4-sided 15 mm x 15 mm Carbide Insert Knives. Up to 1/2" depth of cut.

     ● HAD Series Slip-on Profile Head; (4) rows of knives and 5" (125 mm) Cutterhead dia. (specify when ordering)

    Top Spindle Tooling:
     ● (A) HMR Series slip-on heads with (6) rows of 4-sided 15 mm x 15 mm Carbide Insert Knives for straight knife planing; cutting depth up to 1/2"
    ● (B) HAD Series slip-on 5" (125 mm) dia. helical and profile cutterhead with (4) rows of knives; max, 1/2" profile depth (specify when ordering)

    Side Spindle Tooling: 
     ● (A) MP Series slip-on (3) knife heads; Up to 4" long x 5" (125 mm) body dia. with (1) set of (3) profile knives and backers of buyer's choice. Up to 1" depth of cut
    ● (B) HAR Series Straight Spiral Cutterheads with (4) rows of 4-sided 15 mm x 15 mm Carbide Insert Knives

    ● (C) Slip-on Moulder Heads from 4'  to 7" swing dia. x up to 4" long x 4-knife, knives not included (specify when ordering)
Special Note:
Comment: Heavy duty industrial-strength Planer at a remarkable price!
Written By: Jeff Terrill  
*Dimensions:80" L x 56" W x 70" H
*Weight:5,700 Lbs
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.