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EXF #:   MF-013405  


Model:   LMC-530C COMPACT
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
List Price:   $ 92,390  
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LEADERMAC HYPERMAC 530 C COMPACT Moulder Feed Through -- 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B), working cap. 12" x 6" capacity.

  • 1 Piece – Extra Heavy Cast Iron Main Frame. Specially heat treated for maximum stability and minimum vibration78" (2m) long Adjustable Infeed Table and Fence (each adjustable .4")

  • Head sequence: Bottom 25 HP, Right 20 HP, Left 20 HP, Top 30 HP and Bottom 25 HP motors, spindles are manufactured from SCM-440 tool steel (Mitsubishi-Japan) with special heat treating to HR 55C Hardness fitted with-all spindles equipped with mechanical digital readouts.

  • Spindles: dia. 1-13/16" with cutter-head speed of 7,200 RPM.,
  • Precision Hydro-loc Outboards for horizontal (Top/Btm.) heads, .
  • Spindles 3 & 4 have Dual Siko Counters on the Radial Set (for fastest head setup
  •  Chip-breaker and pressure elements pneumatic; include mechanical digital readouts for accurate positioning.

  • Powered rise and fall to extra heavy feed support beam by 1 Hp /.75 kw motor, upper support beam is supported at both the In-feed and Out-feed ends on 2 large columns for best most rigid upper beam support, all feed rolls and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points., 8 Top Driven Feed Roll Shafts (each equipped with Multiple 2" wide rolls that can be quickly spaced/positioned or removed as desired), 2 Full width Driven Bottom Bed Rolls, 2 Piece Full width Bottom Driven In-feed Roll Bottom Rolls have quick up down adjustment by cam type lift system

  • Feed: Invertor drive 5 HP feed system with feed speeds of 20 - 80 FPM. Electronic Digital Speed Readout, Inch forward and reverse to feed with duplicate control at top head position for fast easy setting

  • Infeed/Tables: 1.2 M (4'0") in-feed table .012"-.014" chrome thickness chromed tables and fences, central lubrication, automatic table lubrication, (1) short stock attachment.

  • Includes: Lift up sound and safety enclosure including safety interlocks and good strobe-free lighting inside the enclosure. Central Lubrication System to all main slides from front of moulder(1) set of cutter-heads, manuals, set up tools and (1) rebuilt top spindle.

  • Options Included, Cutter- head measuring stand  Included, Precision Hydro-loc Outboard Bearings and Support for horizontal (Top/Btm, heads $ Included, Pneumatic Locks on the Outboard Supports of the Top Head in lieu of Manual Locks $ Included, Note – With 7200 rpm Spindles running unjointed (Single Knife Finish) you will realize a 20% increase in productivity, pneumatic Roller Side Pressure Unit between the 1st bottom head and the Fence side head in lieu of spring tensioned holdover for best controlled operation & variable pressure to material going through the side heahs $ Included, Pneumatic Top Head Chip breakers with Independent pressure controls to each position $ Included, top Head Chip Breaker Plates are Hard Chromed & Grooved for Safety Purposes $ Included, Axial Adjustment of the last Bottom Head position from the front of the moulder, with digital position readout $ Included

  • Note: Width – (Material) .6" to 12" (13" optional), you can actually run to 12 1/2" Finished Width with slighter smaller Near Side head
    Thickness – Material ¼" to 6" Note: 8" or 10" thick optional
    Min length of material 8" (But Fed)
    Axial adjustment side heads 1.6" (40mm)
    Axial adjust. top/btm heads .8" (20mm)
    Moulder Weights – approx. 10,800 lbs.

  • Available Options two Different Last Bottom Head Bed Plates, Fill-in plate & Insert type Pressure Plate for ripping with Insert type Pressure plate above the head
    (in addition to standard bed plates) for Ripping with the Last Bottom Head ............... $ 1,130
Special Note:
Comment: Brand New And In Stock.!
Written By: Bob Dykstra  
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