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Model:   SRSHS 60


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2023
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
EXF #:   MA-300005
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  • Specifications:
    Panels Maximum width is 60” wide; Panels Minimum is width 48” wide; Lengths - From 72” (6 foot) Min. to 144” (12 foot) long Max.; Thickness - 3/8” to 2”

    Speed range – Variable to 200 FPM roll speed (larger panels will be run at slower speeds);

    Maximum nominal load height is 32”; Maximum Stack weight is nominal to 6,000 lbs; Scissor lifts are rated at 8000 lb. capacity.
  • Included Items:
    Drag Arm Feeder to the Sander or Rip Saw;

    Outfeed Canted Rollcase to Sander or Rip Saw;

    Sander or Rip Saw Outfeed Canted Rollcase to Stacker & Stacker
  • Sander or Rip Saw Infeed Canted Rollcase Sections
    These is a 60” wide x 13 foot long powered rollcase. The rolls are canted to ensure the panel says against the zero line fence, as it moves towards the rip saw.

    The second rollcase is on the outfeed and carries the panel into the rip saw. The lengths of theses rollcase sections ensure the panel is fully out of the sander before it enters the rip saw and also fully out of the rip saw before it enters the stacker infeed nip roll.
    The rollcases are electric driven and will have a VFD to control the speed requirement.
  •  Sander or Rip Saw Outfeed Stacker Sections
    This is a scissor lift panel stacker, Panels are feed into the stacker on a power urethane feed roll with pneumatic hold downs.
  •  Operator & Machine Control 
    An independent electrical control panel is included with a PLC for machine functions, buttons and e stop is included, for each area of the feeder and the stacker.
  •  LEADERMAC SRSHS 60 System Operating Functions
    The package will be loaded directly into the feeder scissor lift top, by the plant fork lift. There is a zero fence backboard and a lateral backboard to assist with having the package placed correctly for feeding. These backboards will allow the operator to place the load relatively squarely into the feeder.
    This has an 8000 lb. capacity rating scissor lift and will have a separate, 5 HP hydraulic system. The hoist top has a series of fork pockets to allow the load to be placed directly on top of the scissor lift. In this fashion load bunks under the load, will not be required. These forks pockets will be placed in a suitable fashion for loading the short 6 foot material and the long 12 foot material.
    There is a full length, Lateral backboard at the feeder. The package is brought in and placed against this full length backboard, for feeding. The widths are 48” min and 60” maximum, only. For loading the narrower packages the operator may be required to move the load to line it up with the lateral backboard.
    The feeder will have a short outfeed canted rollcase that will assist in bringing the panel over to a zero fence line.There is a pneumatically operated drag arm shoe that will cycle back and forth, dragging or feeding one panel at a time into the sander or rip saw. This shoe will raise for the return stroke and the lower for feeding. The shoe depth is adjustable, to suit the panel thickness handled.
    The stroke of the drag arm shoe carriage will move the panel onto a powered urethane outfeed nip roll and hold down wheels. Once the panel is moved positively forward, onto the nip roll, the top hold wheels will lower, and the panel will move positively forward on the canted rolls and over against the fence bar.
    Included is an electric powered outfeed nip roll and a short, secondary powered canted, roll section. Note this drive has a 1 ½ HP,VFD to allow speed adjustment.
    The machine operates automatically in regards to auto leveling and the feeding operation. The operator will load the package and confirm he has it placed correctly. The operator then can cycle the hoist up to start feeding. The hoist will level automatically with each cycle. This leveling height is manually adjustable to suit the panel thickness. Note also the drag arm shoe carriage is manually adjustable for length and the show depth on the panel edge.
    When the last panel is feed the hoist will lower to the full down position. A cycle to call panels to feed is initiated by the operator. The stroke of the shoe carriage is such that the drag arm will feed the panel into the nip roll at the feeder outfeed.
  • Actual Model is LEADERMAC SRSHS 60

Special Note: Brand New
Comment: If you consider automating your sanding or gang rip lines...WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!
Written By: Bob Bullin  
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