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Model:   ASG-1224AHD


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2023
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
EXF #:   GQ-300007
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ACRA ASG-1224HD Reciprocating Surface Grinder 


  • Maximum grinding (LxW):  21.6" x 10"  (550 mm x 250 mm).
  • Maximum distance from table top to spindle center line:  18.9"  (480 mm).
  • Table size:  24" x 12"  (600 mm x 300 mm).
  • Max. Longitudinal travel:  29.9"  (760 mm).
  • Max. cross travel:  14.1"  (360 mm).
  • T-slot width (No. x width):  3 x 0.67"  (17 mm).
  • Longitudinal hydraulic feed:  3.28 - 82 FPM  (1-25 m/min).
  • Longitudinal hand feed per revolution:  2.36"  (60 mm).
  • Cross feed intermittent feed:  0.04" - 0.59"  (1-15 mm).
  • Cross continuous traverse feed:  47.2 IPM  (1200 mm/min).
  • Cross hand feed per revolution:  0.2" (5 mm).
  • Cross graduation of hand wheel:  0.001"  (0.02 mm).
  • Vertical hand feed per revolution:  0.02"  (0.5 mm).
  • Vertical graduation of handwheel:  0.0001"  (0.002 mm).
  • Micro feed (Optional):  0.0001"  (0.002 mm).
  • Vertical rapid feed (Optional):  12.9 IPM  (330 mm/min).
  • Automatic vertical feed per time:  0.0001" - 0.0015"  (0.002 mm - 0.03 mm).
  • Total vertical feed:  1.95"  (49.5 mm).
  • Spark-out times:  0-9.
  • Spindle motor:  5 HP.
  • Spindle speed:  1,750 RPM.
  • Grinding wheel size(dia. x w x bore):  14" x 2 x 5"  (355 mm x 50 mm x 127 mm).
  • Hydraulic motor:  2 HP.
  •  Hydraulic motor vertical and cross:  190W and 150W.
  • Machine weight:  5,286 lbs.  (2,400 kg). 
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H):  106.3" x 81.7" x 80.7"

    Equipped with:
  • Electric magnetic chuck with chuck control.
  • Overhead parallel dresser unit.
  • Coolant system.
  • Table and rear splash guard.

  • All main elemants are made of Meehanite GC275 castings which have been annealed stress released for long lasting accuracy and stability.  Rib reinforced box-type construction of main parts ensures high rigidity.
  • This machine has vee and flat ways for longitudinal movement and double vee ways for cross movement.  Both longitudinal and cross mating channels are lined with Turcite B and precision hand-scraped to provide high accuracy and eliminate stick slip.
  • The valves pump works as soon as power is switched on.  The lubrication system continuously lubricates ways, vertical lead screw and its bearings and gears.
  • Improved hydraulic circuit set vibration-free reversing motion of table, making it easier to move the table by handwheel when table hydraulic feed is switched off.  External independent hydraulic tank is provided with no heat transferred to the base.
  • The saddle lock feature and precision cross feed ball screw (AH) allow for grinding of slots with the highest performance and no vibration.
  • All ways and the electric cabinet are well-protected from dust and water to ensure consistent accuracy.
  • Hydraulic table speed range from 1 m/min. to 25 m/min provides easy operation of the machine.  The stroke is adjustable by a pair of dogs in front of the table.  Non-contact proximity switches are used.
  • A combination of precision ball screw and a electric motor driving system provides a quick, smooth automatic cross feed.
  • Consistent temperature control unit is provided as an option for preventing thermal distortion of the machine when super precision is required.
Special Note:
Written By: Nick Lange  
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Surface grinding is done on flat surfaces to produce a smooth finish. It is a widely used abrasive machining process in which a spinning wheel covered in rough particles cuts chips of metallic or nonmetallic substance from a workpiece, making a face of it.