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EXF #:   CS-010007  


Model:   BASIC
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   NA
List Price:   $ 2,495  
Our Price:   $ 2,030 USD    
Financing: $ 41 National Capital Leasing
Description:    (view full)

EnRoute Basic...complete 2D design and toolpathing solution.

EnRoute Basic is a complete 2D CAD/CAM program that provides an easy to use graphic interface for drawing shapes and applying 2D toolpaths to the parts. EnRoute Basic’s design tools provide precise and graphic drawing methods to meet both engineering/CAD and artistic drawing needs.

  • CAD Design Features: 
    Standard Geometrical Creation Tools : Circle, Polygon, Rectangle, Arc and Lines, 
    Advanced Drawing Tools: Vectorizing, Point Editing, Advanced Text Tools, Braille Conversion, Parametric Design Macros, Contour and Part Distortion.
  • CAM Toolpathing Features:
    Routing Offset (profile cutting), Hatch/Island Fill (pocketing), Engrave and Open Contour Offset, Drill and Slots (keyhole cutting), 3D Entry/Exit, Final Pass (Onion Skin), Bridges, Inlay, Start Point Control, Fine Tool/Clean Tool, Channel Tags (tight fitting joints), Toolpath Distortion
  • Included Features:
    Advanced Ordering Options, Toolpath Simulation, Drill Bank Support, Aggregate Cutting Support (limited).
  • Add-On Options Available:  
    ● Advanced True Shape Nesting: $795.  
    ● "Getting Started with EnRoute" Educational DVD: $345.

    EnRoute Basic is the ideal solution for 2D cutting applications. 
Special Note:
Written By: Amanda Solomon  
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