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EXF #:   AP-300003  


Model:   GIANT 1350 3WRF
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
List Price:   $ 163,000  
Our Price:   Please call    
Description:    (view full)

EMC GIANT 1350 3WRF Abrasive Planer with (3) Heads, Planer Head, Roller and Superfinishing Pad

Top of the line Heavy Duty Abrasive Planer from EMC. The series of GIANT machines are available in many configurations. Abrasive Planer has a helicoidal head with insert tooling.

Useful working width 1,350 mm (53"). Working thickness min/max mm 3 - 170 (1/8" - 6-5/8"). 

Head configuration:

1st Head:  Planer Head "W"  

  • Cutter head knives diameter 180 mm (7-1/16").
  •  Shaft for helicoidal position knives with (512) Interchangeable knifes with 4 cutting edges, 14 x 14 x 2 mm. 
  •  Sectioned pressure bars in 24 independent segments. 
  •  Anti kickback protection made of 72 independent elements. 
  •   On-Off pneumatic cylinder for planer group in working position. Working pressure adjustment.
  •  Motor power 30 kW (40 HP), Star-delta starter.
    Speed rotation: 35 m/Sec (115 FPS).

    2nd Head: Roller "R"  Belts dimensions: 3,250 x 1,370 mm (128" x 54"). 
  • Roller diameter: 250 mm (9-13/16").
  • Roller rubber hardness 60-65 Shore. Constant control to any position with accuracy 0.02 mm.
  •  On-Off pneumatic piston, controlled from the electrical panel. 
  • "Grit-set system". 
  • Rotation: Against feed (clockwise).
  • Motor power: 22 kW (30 HP) Automatic star-delta starter. Rotating cutting speed: 21 m/Sec (99 FPS). Blower for the roller unit.

    3rd Head: SUPERFINISHING PAD "F" Electronic PAD segmented in (75) sections. 
  •  Belts dimensions: 3,250 x 1.370 mm (127-15/16" x 54"). 
  •  Width of a single element (section): 18 mm (11/16"). 
  •  APC - Automatic Programmable Control and setting of the air pressure. 
  •  Electronic motorized roller pressure adjustment "grit-set system". 
  •  Rotation: Against feed (clockwise). 
  •  Timed oscillating abrasive belt "air jets" cleaning. 
  •  Motor power: 18,5 kW (25 HP) with electronic inverter variable abrasive belt speed 3 to 18 m/Sec (9.8 - 59 FPS).

    Feed system:
  • Constant pass line, 900 mm (35.4") from floor (In line machine).  
  • Vacuum bed, 4 kW (5,5 HP) for hold down of smaller parts, mounted inside of the machine base.
  • Idle table rollers support in infeed and outfeed.
  • Rubber covered presser rollers, grooved.
  •  Variable feed belt speed, adjustable from 3 to 20 m/Min (9.8 - 65.6 FPM). Inverter Controlled.
  • Large diameter screws on machined guides with columns and pistons.
  • Automatic feed belt centering device.

    General Machine Features: 
  • Independent main motors.
  • Analog ammeters, for each motor, on main control cabinet.
  • Electronic motorized grit set system, control from touch screen for each working group.

    Electronic programmable color TOUCH SCREEN display, 7" wide
    PLC with micro-processor of latest generation, modular and expandable
    Connection USB, RS232, Ethernet 10/100/1000
    Memory capacity: 100 working programs or more
    Graphic synoptic to facilitate programming

    Software facilities:
  •  Automatic motor sequence starting.
  •  Command, programming and display for all electronic pad functions.
  •  Command, programming and display for thickness.
  •  Command, programming and display for feeding.
  •  Command, programming and display for all inverters. 
  •  Command, programming and display for selected groups.
  •  Command, programming and display for blowers, including compressed air saving function. 
  •  Display report and reset of alarms (self diagnostic) with memory records.

    Options Included:
  • Vacuum bed, 4 kW (5,5 HP) for hold down of smaller parts, mounted inside of the machine base.
  • LED light inside the machine.
  • Telemetry for remote computer assistance from EMC.  

    Centralized Control Cabinet:   IP 54 protection against dust and moisture. Analog ammeter on main control cabinet.  Table lifting-lowering thickness system electrically controlled. AUTOMATIC Delta - Star starter on abrasive belts motors.
    Centralized independent pneumatic control cabinet: IP 54 protection against dust and moisture. Pneumatic air filter with automatic water-drain system. Pneumatic adjustment for "Grit set system". Pneumatic plant working without lubrication. Compressed air pressure 6 bar (85 PSI)
    Options Available: Tampico Brush natural fiber brush for cleaning of the pieces, diameter 150 mm (6").  Motor Power 1.1 kW (1.5 HP), please add .... $3,950

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Written By: Louis Sicotte  
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