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EXF #: PF-300003

ORMA "NPC/A 31/16"

Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 240 or 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
List Price: € 88,000
Our Price: € 82,900 EUR     (Convert)
Financing: € 1,657 National Capital Leasing
ORMA Through Feed Hot Press for panels up to 5' x 10'


  • Working useful size 3,100 x 1,600 mm
  • Movable lower platen
  • (6) Pressing cylinders @ 85 mm dia., Stroke of cylinders 200 mm
  • Press opening 120 mm, Total thrust 120 t
  • Maximum specific pressure on 100% of the surface 2.4 kg/cm²
  • Side loading or end loading to be specified by the customer

  • Useful dimensions 3100 x 1600 mm, drive gear motor 0.75 kW, variable speed 8 - 40 m/min. The Feed belt is double cloth type with rubber coating designed to work in continuous production lines; belt sliding over galvanized sheet for a low belt friction. Loading belt complete with adjustable system for belt centering and stretching. Adjustable speed by means of hand-wheel. Table structure adjustable in height in order to compensate for any normal level difference in the factory floor.Pedal for step movement of the carpet in order to prepare the material, pedal for starting cycle.

  • FABRICATED SANDWICH STEEL PLATENS for hot water or thermal fluid/oil heating. Max. specific working pressure: 5 Kg/cm², Max. heating "medium" pressure: 2,5 bar. The platen composition, starting from the platen holding structure is the following.. Thermal insulation sheet, high resistance planed iron sheet, heating coil, circulation tubing, made iron (rectangular shape), tested at 2 bar pressure, set of iron pipe fit between the coils in order to strengthen the platen and uniformity, high resistance planed iron sheet, 10/10 mm aluminum sheet, to improve the platen finishing and for a better heat distribution. The sandwich is assembled by rods that are used for the platen fixing to the press structure, this system allows both, thermal expansion and the possibility of maintenance operation on the coils.

  • Control is Located on the front right beam with 6” KTP600 BASIC SIEMENS color TOUCH-SCREEN control. Complete with a programmable control (PLC), central unit CPU, expansion possibility for inputs and outputs brand of the hardware SIEMENS. The Manual Controls available for the operator are- pushbuttons for press closing and manual press opening, emergency lamp and emergency Stop push-button, general switch on/off, power signal lamp.

    The Digital on screen Function and Controls include: automatic adjustment of the requested pressure in bar with automatic recovery of pressure, Pressure decrease obtained by setting the working pieces " surface area" and the desired "specific pressure". Setting of and the digital display of working temperature on platens when press is purchased with factory boiler. In the case the heating boiler is supplied by others just digital display of temperature is available on screen. Setting and digital display of pressing time for automatic opening. Heating boiler on-off with factory boiler, timer with the possibility to set every day of the week. Able to store a max. of 20 working programs (temperature, specific pressure, pressing time, panel dimensions). Self-diagnostic system showing faults of the press for easy maintenance.
  • All electric components are in accordance with the European Standards; they have a specific code number according to the electric plan.

    There are (3) three standard working cycles:
  • 1) MANUAL CYCLE: it is used for start-up operations, production start, special board lamination; the operator always under control of the PLC safety features drives each cycle phase;
  • 2) SEMI-AUTOMATIC CYCLE: it is used when manual interventions are needed every completed cycle for quality control;
  • 3) AUTOMATIC OR CONTINUOUS CYCLE: is the one normally used during the working phase, and all operations are automatically carried out without the operator intervention.

    Press equipped with revolving mylar belt : closed ring carpet system, driven by two drive chains positioned on both press sides; gear motor 1.1 kW with adjustable speed. Pieces are carried automatically from the loading unit into the press and then unloaded onto the opposite side.

    Hydraulic unit HAWE Germany with double pump and with motor in oil bath for less noise and better lubrication. High capacity low pressure pump for quick closing and low capacity high pressure pump for slow getting into pressure. Oil control unit equipped with the following mechanic control and safety valves mounted on top of the oil tank safety valve for closing pump (circuit breaker valve). When the press platens are closed this valve activates pump relief and allows for energy saving, a lower oil heating safety valve for pushing pump (max. pressure), it prevents pressures exceeding the allowed limit which could cause damages in case of fault of the electric/electronic control pressure valve (check valve) with hardened coupling areas to prevent wear and tear valve for slow pressure relief (pre-relief valve) to avoid shocks in the circuit that could damage components control electro-magnet to open the fast oil release suction filter and release filter, to avoid the presence of impurities in the circuit that could damage valves and seals. The tank interior is painted with a special oil-resistant paint; the unit is supplied with oil. Hydraulic piston thickness chromed in order to increase the hardness and their life. They slide on guiding bushings made of antifriction material and are constantly lubricated by the same oil of the correspondent hydraulic unit.

    Press Construction; Welded beam structure composed by Fe 430 thick beams assembled on precise templates in inert atmosphere with subsequent aging to relieve any stress caused by the welding process. All assembling surfaces (of beams, pistons, platens) are worked by CNC tool-machine to grant the parallelism during the assembling of the structure. Double rack and pinion guide system on length and width interconnected by torsionally stiff shafts in order to guarantee the perfect up/down platen movement. Insulation between press platen and press structure in order to protect the press structure from overheating.

    The following protections are installed on the press:
  • Emergency switch on control board;
  • Safety locks to prevent the platen movement when making the maintenance;
  • Metal protective covers for potentially dangerous areas;
  • Safety grids on press sides;

    ORMA MACHINE Electric boiler 30 kW for thermal oil heating. The plant is equipped with circulating pump, open expansion tank, pipes from the boiler to the
    press, valves for circuit air exhausting, safety and electric control board.

    Useful dimensions 3100 x 1600 mm idle wheels to receive the pieces from the press. End shoulder in order to stop the working pieces from falling to the ground. Table structure adjustable in height in order to compensate for any normal level difference in the factory floor.
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