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EXF #: PF-300002


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
List Price: € 750,000
Our Price: € 725,000 EUR     (Convert)
Financing: € 14,409 National Capital Leasing
PAGNONI SMARTLINE 4' x 8' Single Opening Melamine Press.

Standard Press Line for Short Cycle Lamination of 4' x 8' Particleboard and MDF Panels. This is a complete PLC Controlled Line with material handling. The line consists of the following groups:

Infeed System with Continuous Feed:

  • Table with motorized rollers to receive raw boards and transfer them to the lifting table.
  • Hydraulic Lifting Table with motorized rollers.
  • Raw Board Feeder to feed one board at a time from the lifting table.
  • Brushing Machine to clean top and bottom surfaces.
  • Bench with motorized rollers to take boards from the brushing machine.
  • Staging Area with (2) tables to transfer the paper onto the board.
  • Ionisation Bar to place a static charge on the paper to adhere it to the board prior to pressing.

    Lay-up are Prior to Pressing: The "sandwich" is created manually, composed on a mobile shuttle.
  • After the operator places the bottom paper on a belt, the board is automatically placed over the bottom sheet.
  • The operator places the top sheet.
  • A clamp system holds the paper to prevent it from shifting prior to pressing.

    Single Opening Down-Stroke Press: 27 Ton, 4' x 8' Hydraulic Press made of High Resistance Steel (S275JR) to avoid deflection. Special Guides for the upper platen, insulating elements between the hot platens and the cylinders. A complete set of handles to attach the finishing plates.

    Technical Data:
  • Size of the Hot Plates in the Press: 1,350 mm x 2,600 mm (53" - 102").
  • Thickness of the boards: 5 mm to 32 mm ( 3/16" - 1-1/4").
  • Distance between plates: 250 mm (10").
  • Specific Pressure: max. 35 kG/cm² (498 PSI).
  • Mechanical Capacity: (120) press cycles per hour.
  • (6) Hydraulic Cylinders; diameter of the Cylinders: 280 mm (11").
  • Max. service temperature: 200°C (400°F).
  • Total Weight of the Press: 27 Tons.

    Oil-Hydraulic Unit:
  • Group of servo-controlled valves operating.
  • Both fast and slow closing.
  • Check valve.
  • Fast pressure level.
  • Decompression and fast opening. 
  • High pressure pump, variable delivery.
  • Also included in the Hydraulic Unit: High pressure accumulator, set of electro-valves for servo control and safety, tank complete with level gauges, filters and oil/water heat exchanger, set of valves to reduce pressure on head pistons for short panels processing; hydraulic components are "REXROTH" brand.

    Unloading and Stacking:
  • Outfeed table with motorized belts, placed at the press outlet.
  • It can also act as a holding station during caul plate changes
    It acts also as supporting table during the finishing press plates exchange.
  • Oil-hydraulic lifting platform to stack the laminated board.

    Control Desk: The operation and control are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode.

    Equipped with:
  • Touch Screen Operator Panel.
  • Set of electric cubicles (MCC) containing the electric devices to control and check the motors (fuses, automatic thermal-magnetic switches, thermal contactors).
  • (PLC) containing the electronic system for programmable logic control.
  • Complete software, "SIEMENS S7", to operate the PLC, equipped with handbook.

    Independent Heating: (2) Thermal oil circulation and temperature regulation units for the (2) platens, each with a capacity of 80,000 kCal/Hr.
  • (1) Centrifugal pump for the independent oil circulation for the platens.
  • Set up Power 5.5 kW each (7.37 HP).

Comments: One of the best Europe has to offer!
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