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For Immediate Answers Contact:
Bernie Straple
(800) 374-5009 ext. 339
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

If not available, try his/her backup:
Jim Reedy at ext ...455

EXF #: PE-010389


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 230 or 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
List Price: $ 21,355
Our Price: $ 21,355 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 434 National Capital Leasing

The StakeMaster is fully automatic. Material is stacked in the hopper. The machine automatically pushes material from the bottom of the stack across the cutters. The Baker StakeMaster is capable of processing up to 24,000 stakes per shift. 


  •  Two 71/2 -HP saw arbor motors
  • Automatic feed
  • Adjustment of angle and material height is made by turning a few bolts
  • Angle of cut can be adjusted from 16° to 45°
  • Pusher speed and length of stroke can be adjusted
  • Clean cuts are assured because each board is backed up by the following boards
  • Indexable replaceable tips

  •  Production Rate: Capable of producing 3,000 stakes per hour 
  • Sawdust Removal: 8 in.  opening; 2,300 CFM
  • Cutters: Two 6 in. diameter by 41/2 in long with indexable replaceable tips
  • Arbors: 21/2 in. diameter  

    Dimensions & Weight: 
  • Length: 72 in. 
  •  Width: 72 in. 
  •  Height: 66 in. 
  •  Weight: 2,800 lbs.

  • Motor: Two 71⁄2 HP (15 kw) TEFC 
  • Electrical: All voltages available; Standard: 240v or 480v 3-phase 60Hz; machine completely prewired; NEMA 12 enclosure with starters, disconnects, control voltage transformer and circuit overload protectors; start/stop station with E-stop button
  • Operating Air Pressure: 100 PSI, 1⁄2 in. (13 mm) line minimum; 20 CFM

  • Material Size:Height: 11⁄2 in. to 3 in. Width: 1 in. to 8 in.  Length: 8 in. to 96 in. Angle of Cut: 16° to 45°

Comments: If you need to make a lot of stakes, BAKER is the machine for you!
*Dimensions Available From Product Manager
*Weight: Please Call
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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