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Dan Wolters
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EXF #: FO-010453


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 208/240/480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
List Price: $ 32,600
Our Price: $ 25,500 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 519 National Capital Leasing

AMERICAN ULTRAVIOLET C18/300/2 UV Curing System with 6' Enclosed Conveyor Bed;
This model is designed to transport and provide quick UV cure to the top and the side surfaces of wooden panels of various sizes. The maximum part width to be processed by this unit is 18". 

Specifics for an 18" conveyor is outlined below. As your product is 12" width, the 18" width will provide an overlap for UV uniformity and lamp aging.

Standard Features:
 ● Adjustable height
 ● Tri-power switching
 ● Variable belt speed
 ● Air cooled lamp assembly
 ● UV-resistant coated fiberglass belt
 ● Vacuum hold down exhaust hopper
 ● Single or Double lamp
 ● 300 or 400 W/inch
 ● Metal Halide lamps

Technical Data:
●  Dual 300 WPI Mercury UV curing lamps with individual contro
●  System can operate mercury and/or gallium lamps.
●  Elliptically focused reflector or parabolic reflector (specify when ordering) with replaceable liners in heat sink extrusion.
●  Elapsed time indicator and indicator lights.
●  Individual power supplies enclosed under conveyor
● Tri-power control 300/200/125 WPI
● All operator controls located on the front panel.
● Conveyor belt direction can be left to right as related to operator side, or, right to left. Please specify direction.
● Vacuum hold-down perforated bed; exhaust blower, and blower hoses
● Speed range: 0 - 160 FPM (other ranges available).
● Adjustable feet for fine adjustment and leveling can be substituted for casters.
● Optical Shielding.
● Fully Assembled.
● 208V, 230V, 480V main power (Please Specify)

Installation Supervision:………$990.00 per day, plus expenses
Installation Supervision includes:
 ● Complete testing and checkout of the UV system
 ● Making any necessary adjustments to the UV system
 ● Training of operators and maintenance personnel

Responsibilities of the Purchaser: 
 - All additional mounting and light shielding.
 - Removal of existing dryer and related utilities.
 - Freight, unloading, and placement of the equipment.
 - Mechanical and electrical installation of the equipment.
 - Properly designed and installed exhaust air handling systems
 - Air filters if needed.

    Comments: Why look for used when you can buy "new" for less than $30,000!
    *Dimensions Available From Product Manager
    *Weight: Please Call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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