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EXF #: CS-300012


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Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
List Price: $ 16,000
Our Price: $ 15,795
Financing: $ 321 National Capital Leasing
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is a full CAD/CAM software suite providing all the design and programming capabilities required to fully program your 5-Axis CNC router.  Alphacam is the easiest to use and at the same time provides all the power you need.  Alphacam has become the industry standard especially among the 5-Axis CNC Router owners.

Standard Operational Capabilities:

  • Routing; Ease-of-use is just one of the reasons that Alphacam is the industry standard and system of choice for programming CNC routers. Tooling and machining techniques unique to this industry are accommodated by Alphacam’s dedicated Router Modules.
  • Planar Machining; 5-Axis Heads can be programmed at any work-plane. Safe rapid moves between planes are automatically controlled and verified using advanced solid simulation. Alphacam’s powerful post-processing ability means that the advanced functionality of all CNC controllers is utilized, including plane rotation.
  • 3D Engraving; Artwork and text can be easily created and machined using Alphacam’s powerful 3D engraving. This command contours geometries with a form tool, and on meeting a sharp corner automatically retracts the tool to produce a sharp corner, often referred to as embossing.
  • 3D Routing; Multiple 3D rough and finish machining strategies of Solids, surfaces and even STL files are available within Alphacam. These strategies can be applied to any work plane, allowing for 3 plus 2 machining to be programmed on machines 5-axis heads. Alphacam’s 5-axis module is cable of 4 and 5-axis simultaneous machining of surfaces and 3D trim curves, often used for finishing chair backs.
  • Nesting; Maximizing material utilization is made easy using Alphacam’s automatic nesting functionality. Parts can be selected from the screen or a kit of parts, their orientation fixed (if grain direction needs to be maintained) or rotated to any angle. Nesting supports tool lead in/out, support tags for small parts and multiple depth parts where an onion skin is required.
  • Geometry Constraint Manager; Using Alphacam’s Constraint Manager, geometry can be made parametric, rules such as tangency can be applied between individual elements, and variables such as distance set between them. By changing the variables, the geometry is automatically resized and resolved and because of the rules applied its integrity maintained. This makes creation and subsequent machining of families of parts very quick and easy.
  • Dedicated Drilling Unit; Using Alphacam’s Multi Drilling command allows tool-paths to be optimized for any drill unit. Holes are matched to the drill diameters and automatically machined; multiple drills are selected at the same time when a standard 32mm pitch is matched.

  • CAD utilities; fold/unfold, develop to flat, join parts with bridge, link adjacent circles, and magnify, define new Alphacam fonts, and geometry macro recorder, draw material/fixture as solids, drawing surfaces in layer color, and multiple windows/view ports.
  • CAD Importing: DXF/DWG, IGES, Rhino IGES (as solids), CADL, VDA, ANVIL, 3D XYZ Points, ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, Parasolid, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, STL, Part Modeler CAD files.
  • Machining: overlap on open elements, machining or pocketing of holes, sawing at definable tilt angle, 3D lead-in/out, 3D approach moves, enhanced 3D surface machining options, 3D solid machining (3-axis, Z contour roughing), tool axis conversion (3-axis), and convert 3D tool path to helical arcs, and movable clamps/fixtures.
  • Also Includes: definable machine configuration and full machine simulation, VBA editor, solid model feature extraction utilities, and parametric constraints.
  • Editing: 3D project (4/5-axis) and 3D wrap onto surface (4/5-axis).
  • 4/5-Axis Machining: 4 and 5 axis simultaneous machining support:, 4/5 Axis spline/polyline machining, Cut between 2 geometries, 4 Axis (XZ/YZ) rotary, 5 Axis Machine Surface with tool side (SWARF Machining), Normal to Point, Through Point, Through Axis
  • 3D Machining: Cut spline or polyline (4/5-axis), 3D surface machining (4/5-axis), 3D solid machining (4/5-axis), edit 5-axis tool path, tool axis conversion (4/5-axis), and smooth 5-axis tool path.
    Post Processor and Training Costs:
  • 5-Axis Post Processor = $2,000
  • Introductory Alphacam Training = $975
  • Alphacam 3D Advanced Training = $750
  • Alphacam One-on-One 5-Axis Training (One day) = $1,000
Comments: ALPHAcam...As powerful as you need, yet as simple as you want!
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