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Model:   CD-4
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2003
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 41,000
Price:   $ 24,900 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 506 National Capital Leasing
Region:   NORTHEAST (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   VG-010618  
Description:   (view full)

MULTISCORE CD-4-30 Cabinet Groover/Bead/Multi-Blade Saw

30" Wide x 50" long max. cap., 1" max. material thickness; 30 HP main motor, 3-15/16" dia. arbor @ 3,500 RPM, aluminum bedplate slotted at 1.5" spacing for about (20) tool positions, quick release tensioner on the arbor drive belts. 

  Equipped with: 
Feed system consists of a reciprocating push fence with wood extension fingers to assure consistently square cuts; push fence carries the part thru the entire cutting area completely past the arbor. Extension fingers are laterally adjustable for different cut widths. Pneumatic infeed plastic holdover fence laterally adj. to hold parts up against the fence. (8) Hold down arms with lat. & vert. adj. mount to 'T' slot rack to press parts against the feed table during machining.

  Feed Drive/Speed: 2 HP - 1,750 RPM AC Inverter Variable feed motor via gearmotor, with dynamic brake, 0 - 60 FPM. 


  Material is pushed off the exit side while machine operator can load new parts at the infeed table.  Cutterhead assembly is end supported, adjustable up & down via handwheel, and jam-nut tooling locking system.

  NOTE: This machine is currently set up for wainscoting and kitchen cabinet doors.

    Special Note:
    Comment: Well maintained and hard to find
    Written By: Louis Sicotte  
    *Dimensions:138" L x 74" W x 51" H
    *Weight:5,500 Lbs
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.