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Model:   TAG 123
Machine Type:  

WIDE BELT (50" - 90", 4-HEAD)

Year of Mfg.:   2010
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 275,000
Price:   $ 30,000 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 610 National Capital Leasing
Region:   NORTHEAST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

TAGLIABUE TAG 1 3PLL EU 1350 Wide Belt / Denibbing Sander with Vacuum Part hold down for small parts

1,350 mm (53") working width
. Equipped with (1) Segmented Platen Super Finishing Head (1) Double Row Oscillating Spindle Brush Unit (2) Counter Rotating Longitudinal Brush Units with Inserts  and rotating brush for cleaning the panels. Part thickness 3 - 150 mm (0,1" - 6"), constant pass-line 900 mm (35.4") above floor.  

Part Sensor: set up with in feed readout multi track individual micro switches are provided with matching 16 mm corresponding 80 magnetic activators for accurate reading of the work piece shape for a work piece tolerance compensation.

Head Configuration:

  1st Head -  Super finishing segmented pressure beam with computer-controlled selective pressure adjustment The fine-segmented (16mm) pressure pad needed for high tolerance panels sanding of thin veneers and finishes works with any geometrical shape. 80 segments are activated by electro pneumatic pressure units The linear pressure system and a adjustable sanding intensity guaranties a equal sanding result and the absorption of work piece tolerances. The sanding intensity is adjusted and visualized directly on the control board. Sanding belt measurements 1350 x 2620 Mm Chevron belt dimension 1350 x2250  Sanding belt rotational speeds  1-20 m/sec Inverter driven, 15 kw drive power, Segments 16mm wide with a total of 80 Segments

  2nd Head - Each row of rotating discs include eight (8) units (4+4) have a diameter of 200 mm. for a total of 16 heads. Manual adjustment for the abrasive wear compensation for all units together. The eight body's are counter rotating and belt driven. The complete assembly is oscillating on a round guiding system and "wiping" 100 mm in cross direction. 

  3rd Head -  (2) two  Counter rotating sanding brush drums with a diameter of 390 mm each holding 57 inserts and 57 backings.

 Rotative air blowers for panel cleaning, powered by 0,18 kW (0,25 HP) motor.

  Feed System: Constant pass line. Variable feed speed from 5 - 25 m/min (16 - 82 FPM) with 3 kW (4 HP) motor, motorized part thickness opening 3 - 150 mm (0,1" - 6") with 1,1 kW (1,5 HP) motor. Vacuum conveyor system for short parts, with 9 kW (12,25 HP) motor. Rubberized pressure rollers.  

  Machine management system: Computer control system Windows XP for storage of multiple programs. Swiveling control panel for machine operation. 15" Touch Screen and Teleservice connectivity installed. 

  Complete with: Motor load meters. Pneumatic tension of the sanding belt, air blowers for cleaning of the sanding belt, infeed safety bar for operator protection and over-sized parts. Emergency stops front, back & on swiveling control panel.

  CE compliant
Note: The seller has two (2) of these sanders available, they are identical


    Special Note:
    Comment: There are (2) two of these sanders at the same location identical specifications .
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