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EXF #:   PT-010475  


Model:   2 TPH
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 1,000,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   SOUTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

2-3 Tons/Hr.  Wood/Hemp Pellet Plant System (complete)
Complete with the following main major components:

  Hammer Mill Conveyor Feeding Hopper.

  Incline Hammer Mill Feeder Belt Conveyor 18" wide x 20' long with stainless steel frame & rubber Belt driven by 1 HP Motor.

  ERIEZ Magnet over Belt.  

  CHAMPION Hammermill Model 20 x 44 with 150 HP Drive Motor, 18" x 10" bottom discharge and connected to 16" diameter discharge duct.

  20 HP Fan with 48” diameter Cyclone.

  (2) Dual Hopper feeder, each Hopper measures 42" x 42" X 48", straight side and cone bottom with Lump Breaker/Pin agitator at discharge.  (Feeding two screw conveyors).

  TORIT DONALDSON Baghouse Model 81 PJD, serial# IE673224, with 4-1/2" dia. x 10-1/2' long Cloth Bags with cages.

  Rotary Airlock with 3/4 HP Drive and gearbox.

  (2) Pellet Mill Screw Feeders Conveyors, 8" diameter x 25' long, 2 HP Drives and gearboxs (Connects to bottom of dual hopper to the Mills.)

  (2) 26" BUEHLER Model DPAA, 2-Roll Roller Assembly, V-Belt 100 HP Drives with 15 HP SD Conditioner each. (Standard Max: 26" Die x 216 HP-160 kW Motor)

  (2) Automatic Greaser on both Mills.

  (2) Lifting device for Die and Roll assembly installation.

  (2) Dump chute.

  (2) Conveyor from Pellet Mill to Cooler 11" wide x 15'0" long Mild Steel portable frame, rubber Belt, incline, 1 HP Drive Motor.

  Counterflow Cooler 42" dia. x 48" straight side with Rotary Airlock with ¾ HP Motor and Top-mounted 20 HP Fan.

  (1) Cooler Belt Conveyor Feeder.

  Fan and Cyclones 28" dia. x 36" straight side plus 60° cone bottom (44" long), with Rotary Airlock with ½ HP, Motor and Gearbox.

  QUICKPANEL digital Screen Control.

  Electrical Control Panels with Motor Starters.
 ● Previously used on Hemp at 40,000 to 60,000 Lbs/day on 12-hour days.
 ● Dismantled and ready to load.
 ● Rated by Owner to be in Good condition.
 ● Price "As Is-Where is", loaded on truck.
 ● Dies on both 26" Pellet Mills: one with ¼” holes. and the other with 5/16” holes.
 ● Spare Parts: (7) Screens for Hammer Mill, Roller Shells & 2-Roll complete assemblies.

    Special Note: Great Value
    Comment: A great way to get started in mfg. wood pellets !
    Written By: Bill Christoffersen  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
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