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Model:   5 X 12
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   380 V, 50 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   € 1,000,000
Price:   € 155,000 EUR     (Convert)
Financing: € 3,081 National Capital Leasing
Region:   FINLAND (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   PO-010585  
Description:   (view full)

SENNERSKOV 8-Opening, Thermal Oil Heated Melamine Press System with manual layup.  This Press is designed principally for laminating melamine onto plywood for use in manufacturing boards for concrete forms. As such, panels are made up on aluminum caul plates in order to be transported into the press.  The press is charged with (8) panels at one time while simultaneously unloading the already overlay pressed set of (8) panels.  The System is complete with the following main features and components:

  Hot platen size 1700 x 4000 mm (66.9" x 157.5" or 5.6 Ft. x 13.12 Ft.). Two 6 Ft. long panels may be pressed end-to-end.

  Aluminum Caul Plates and Screens 1650 mm x 3850 mm (64.96" x 151.5" or 5.4 Ft. x 12.65 Ft.).  (Screens to be optionally used depending upon type of product being manufactured.

  Daylight: 70 mm (2-3/4”) per opening.

  Press Loader with (8) Racks and Overhead Pusher.  (Laid-up panels on cauls are inserted into the loader manually from one side.)

  (6) Press Frames – each frame fitted with a set of Hydraulic Cylinders.

  Cylinders can be turned off/on in combinations such as 12, 15 or 18 depending on the length of pressed panel size.

  Maximum operating pressure 35 kg/cm2 (498 PSI). 

  Unloader accumulator.

  Caul return conveyor.

 ● SENNERSKOV Press was made in Denmark and loader and unloader custom built in Finland.
 ● The press controls and platens are stored inside.  The framework is stored outside.
 ● This press can be utilized as-is in a variety of applications or modified for other uses.  It was manufacturing white melamine laminates for furniture as well as manufacturing concrete form board.  The platens and caul plates are not textured for other decorative applications. Nevertheless, the press platens are chrome plated on one side for that purpose. 

    Special Note: Reduced
    Comment: A Press for a variety of uses where high pressure is needed!
    Written By: Bill Christoffersen  
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