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EXF #:   PF-280242  


Model:   KT-F-1E
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   1997
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   575 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 3,500,000
Price:   $ 295,000 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 5,863 National Capital Leasing
Region:   MIDWEST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

WEMHONER KT-F-1E  5' x 10' (64.9" x 125.9") Fully-Automated Hydraulic Short Cycle Press Line with Single Down Stroke

NOTE: Under power & ready to inspect.


  Mechanical cycle time of line: Approx. 30 seconds.

  Materials: 60 - 130 g/m² Resin impregnated papers & 60 - 120 g/m² Self-adhesive finish foils.

  Heating platen size: 3,200 x 1,650 mm (125.9" x 64.9"), Maximum operating area: 3,074 x 1,550 mm (10’ x 5’).

  Total press pressure: 16.280 kN, Max. spec press pressure: 350 N/cm², Max. operating temperature: 200 - 220° C (392° F - 428° F), Heating media: Thermal oil.

  Energy requirement for press heating: Approx. 350,000 kcal/h (1,400,000 BTU/Hr.) during continuous operation & cycle time of Approx. 30 seconds: 250,000 kcal/h (1,000,000  BTU/Hr.).

  Total installed power: Approx. 225 kW (For press line) & 22 kW (For temperature regulating system), Average parallel power consumption during operation: Approx. 75%.

  Operating voltage: 575 V, Control voltage: 24 V, 96 V, 220V, Frequency: 60 cycles, Protection IP 54.

  Air pressure requirement: Min 7 Bar (110 PSI, constant), Air consumption: Approx. 500 m³/h (17,500 ft³/h), Air speed: Approx. 30 MPS (98.4 FPS).

  Cold water requirement: Separate cooling unit added, No longer needs water supply.

Equipped with: 

  Pos 1: Driven Stack Roller Conveyor (Transports raw boards stack from forklift to hydraulic lift table), 3,400 mm L x 1,650 mm W x 400 mm H (133.86" L x 64.96" W x 15.75" H), Speed 10 MPM (32 FPM). 

  Pos 2: Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table (Lifts raw boards stack from driven stack roller conveyor to operating height of automatic push feeder), Photo cell-controlled, 3,400 mm L x 1,650 mm W x 400 mm H (133.86" L x 64.96" W x 15.75" H), Operating stroke 1,200 mm (47.24"), Speed 10 MPM (32 FPM). 

  Pos 3: Automatic Push Feeder (Pushes raw boards from stack to brush cleaning aggregate, one piece at a time), Infeed path 1,830 - 3,050 mm (72.05" - 120.08"), (1) Pusher arm with (2) Pusher dogs, Height adjusted to brush cleaning unit, Speed 15 MPM (49 FPM), Motor-driven carriage, Limit switched-controlled drive unit, Alarm triggered by lack of material.

  Pos 4: Brush Cleaning Unit (Top & bottom side surface cleaning of raw boards), 800 mm x 1,650 mm W (31.50" x 64.96"), Brush diameter 2,400 mm (94.49"), Right-hand side operation, Mexico fiber brush.

  Pos 5: Driven Alignment Roller Conveyor (Transports & centers raw boards prior to paper application, Pneumatically-operated longitudinal centering fences, 4,500 mm L x 1,650 mm (177.17" x 64.96"), Speeds 8 - 40 MPM (26 - 131 FPM).

  Pos 6: Vacuum Raw Board Cross Transfer Device (Lifts pre-aligned panel from driven alignment roller conveyor & transfers to lay-up belt onto bottom paper sheet), Lifting & lowering of frame with pneumatic cylinder with soft brake characteristics, Frame size 3,200 x 1,650 mm (125.99" x 64.96"), Operating stroke 150 mm (5.91"), Operating movement 2,500 mm (98.43"), Suction cups with short lips for thin panel handling, Vacuum generating system with Valve control.

  Pos 7: 2-Daylight Film Storage Magazine (For film suction bar), (Automatically lays-up melamine film sheets), (2) daylights for various lay-up programs, Each daylight with alignment facilities for length & cross alignment of paper pallets to reference line of lay-up station, Loading & unloading by forklift, Operating width 3,200 mm (125.99"), Pitch between daylights 1,000 mm (39.37"), Lifting speed 150 mm/sec (5.91 IPS), Hydraulic scissor lift table heavy-duty design, Alignment system for cross & length alignment.

  Pos 8: Film Suction Bar (Separates single film sheets from stack & pulls those onto lay-up belt. Row of suction cups pick-up sheets on one length side of pallet. After separation, blowing nozzle separates sheets over entire width. Sheet then transferred onto lay-up belt and laid up into reference position. Out of Pos 7 top daylight it is possible to operate bar with turnover function.), Operating speed 100 MPM (328 FPM), Automatic shut of valves for short paper sizes, 3,200 mm L (125.99"), Paper sizes 1,855 - 3,075 mm (73.03" - 121.06"). 

  Pos 9: Driven Lay-up & Assembly Belt Conveyor (Takes raw boards from vacuum raw board cross transfer device & automatically lays-up onto bottom paper. Transports laid-up component to press-feeding device. Top & bottom ionizing bars at outfeed side stick paper sheets to raw board prior to press feeding operation), 3,500 x 1,650 mm (137.80" x 64.96"), Ionizing capacity 0 - 25 kV, Speeds 8 - 40 MPM (26 - 131 FPM).

  Pos 10 & 12: Special Press Infeed/Outfeed Device with Vacuum Rail System (Transports laid-up component from driven lay-up & assembly belt conveyor via short intermediate belt conveyor & lift & lowerable 2-track belt conveyor onto vacuum rails of press infeed/outfeed device. On vacuum rail, component is fixed in its position and complete device moves with high speed into open press. Through removing vacuum rail one after other sideways out of press platen area, components are positioned on bottom caul plate ready for press operation. After press is closed, vacuum rails run out of press & parallel swing-type vacuum arms of outfeed devices run into press. Vacuum arms are then placed beside heating platens. Taking over process of laid-up component from 2-track belt conveyor onto vacuum rails is achieved by lifting belts in uppermost position, pushing vacuum rails by linear motors under the board. Then belt conveyor is lowered again.

After pressing time is finished and press opened, swing-type vacuum arms are tilted into press, lowered onto board & lifted again with finished board. Then parallel feeding & unloading operation takes place. Patented press infeed/outfeed device allows shorter possible pressure-less times. Outfeed operation is finished when pressed boards are laid up on conveyor behind press.), 16,000 mm (629.92") L, 220 - 1,550 mm (8.66" - 61.02") W, Speed 80 MPM (262 FPM), 2-Track Infeed belt conveyor lift & lowerable by hydraulic scissor lift width adjustment unit.

  Pos 11: Hydraulic Short Cycle Press (See "Specifications" above).

  Pos 13: 4-Sided Edge Cleaning Device (Cleans laminated boards from brittle paper overhang at edges art all four sides by crash wheels & scraper blades), 4 Heads width adjustment, Waste collector on bottom of machine, Suction hood on outfeed side, 1,300 mm (51.18") L, 1,220 - 1,525 mm (48.03" - 60.04") W.

  Pos 14: Driven Belt Conveyor (Takes (1) board behind edge cleaner during cleaning operation of rear edge of panel), 3,200 mm L x 1,650 mm W (125.08" x 64.96"), Speeds 8 - 40 MPM (26 - 131 FPM).

  Pos 15: Brush Cleaning Unit (Cleans board surfaces), Deionization bar at infeed side with Air blowing nozzles, Rotating brush aggregate, 800 mm L x 1,650 mm W (31.50" L x 64.96" W), Speeds 8 - 40 MPM (26 - 131 FPM).

  Pos 16: Driven Board Centering & Removal Conveyor (Alignment of boards behind cleaning station & pick-up position for (3) driven stack roller conveyors. Boards are aligned to center line and into fixed position at outfeed side of conveyor. Belt conveyor similar to Pos. 14 "Board centering device" 4,400 x 1,650 mm (173.23" x 64.96"), Speeds 8 - 40 MPM (26 - 131 FPM). 

  Pos 17: Vacuum Control & Stacking Unit
(Picks up aligned board from driven board centering & removal conveyor & transports to pre-selected stacking location), Pneumatic vacuum frame tilt for inspection purposes. Electrical controls allow a time for pre-selection of 1.5 to 2 sec. If operator does not select during this time, stacker runs automatically to nearest available stacking location), 3 Stacking places, Crosswise transport direction, Suction cups with short lips for thin panel handling.

  Pos 18: (3) Driven Stack Roller Conveyors (Similar to Pos 1 but without gaps for forklift & length reduced to 3,200 mm (125.98")).

  Pos 19: Cross Transport Carriage with Driven Stack Roller Conveyors (Takes finished board stacks from (3) driven stack roller conveyors & transports to packing line), 3,400 mm L x 1,650 mm W x 400 mm H (133.86" L x 64.96" W x 15.75" H), Speed 10 MPM (32 FPM).

  Pos 20: Caul Plate Changing Station (Picks up caul plates from press and transports to removal positions), (3) Operating places, Height of hook Approx. 4,000 mm (157.48"), Rail length Approx. 8,500 mm (334.64"), Rail gantry construction built over press, Motor-driven vacuum frame lifting device with Suction cups.

  Pos 21: Electrical Control (Automatic or individual push button operated control of area of press, including pre-selection facilities for different panel dimensions. Line is designed for cabling from top-side. Central panel thickness pre-selection for Pos. 4, 11 & 15 via OP15C), Operating voltage 575 VAC, Control voltage 24V, 200 VDC, Frequency 60 Cycles for PLC Control, Main electrical power connection, Necessary hardware control & Frequency converters, Components: SIEMENS S7, RITTAL, JACKE, TELEMECANIQUE, LENZE, WEIDMÜLLERM KUHNKE, FINDER, SCHRACK, PHILIPS KS SERIES.

  Pos 22: Temperature Regulating System (Regulates of press platen temperature by thermal oil circulation & mixing system in combination with thermal oil heating system), Heating medium thermal oil, Max. operating temperature 280° C (536° F), Temperature accuracy: +/- 2.0° C, Required heating capacity: 250,000 kcal/h (991,416 BTU/Hr.), Installed electrical power: Approx. 22 kW, Thermal oil circulating pumps with Motor & Clutch, 3-Way motor mixing valves.

  Pos 23: Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heater (New Boiler added in 2018), Temperature regulation circuit with Measuring units, Motor mixing valves & Electronic regulators, Heating capacity: 700,000 kcal/h (2,775,966 BTU Hr.), Max. oil temperature 200° C (392° F), Complete unit mounted onto base frame with Leakage oil tub, Expansion tank, Filling pump, Electrical control panel, Gas burner.

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