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BURKLE ODW 1433/60

Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2007
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 1,100,000
Price:   $ 325,000 USD    
Financing: $ 6,459 National Capital Leasing
Region:   WEST COAST (Click for Regional Map)


BURKLE  ODW 1426/300 ... 4' x 8' Automatic Melamine Press Line 

Production Capacity:
Press time ranges from 20 - 40 Sec, depending on the thickness of the paper and the resin coat. With a press time of 25 Sec and a handling time of approx. 15 Sec, the output capacity is (90) boards per hour. The Press is designed for processing Particle Board and MDF.

Main Components:

 ● Dual Stage Loading Station with Automatic Board Feeder. 

 ●  Panel Cleaner - Top & Bottom.. 

 ●  Paper staging area, (2) sections for manual paper sheet lay-up, top & bottom. 

 ● Main Press, 4' x 8' board capacity

 ●  Simultaneous board loading & unloading with a shuttle conveyor belt loader and suction cup unloader.

 ● Transfer Conveyor with Custom Made,  Melamine Edge-Trimmers for short and long panel edges.

 ● Auto De-Stacker, suction cup type with (2) stacking positions.

1. Position:
a) Staging Conveyor, powered and with forklift cut-outs, L-135 x W-55", cap. 7,720 Lbs, feed speed  33 FPM.

b) Hydraulic Scissor Lift, platform with powered roller conveyor, L-103 x W-59", cap. 7,720 Lbs useful lift stroke 47".

c) In-Feed Device, with (2) in-feed shoes, tooth belt driven for automatic push-off boards, 8 - 40 mm thickness, approx. line in-feed height, 1,250 mm (50").  

2. Position:
BURKLE Brushing Machine Model CBM 1300,
max. width 52". Top/Bottom cleaning brushes with Mexican fiber and copper covering for discharging electro-static charges. Dust collection pick-ups (2). Max. thickness 4". Feed-speed 98 f/min. Note: Current user removed top brush as his own preference.  

3. Position:
a) Alignment Roller Track
, powered to transport boards to the lay-up station.

b) Pallet Rack, (2) levels,  for staging the melamine paper, max. stack height 8" 

4. Position: (integrated with Main Press, simultaneous charge/discharge shuttles)

a) Lay-up / Loading Shuttle, flat-belt type to charge the press. Board/paper red alignment laser, Ionizing Device to electrostatically charge the melamine paper top or bottom or both and paper/board hold-down pinch roller.

b)  Unloading Shuttle, with (4) suction cup type swing-arms to discharge finished board at high speed.

5. Position:
Main Press, hydraulic short-cycle, down-stroke with (6) hard-chrome plated 10-1/4" dia. pistons.

Platen Size, 1,400 x 2,600 mm (55" x 102") platen thickness 140 mm (5-1/2") with 300 mm (11-3/4") daylight.

Pressure, Specific 300 N/cm² (435 PSI), Total Pressure 8,930 kN (987 US tons) over the entire platen surface. 

Heating Medium, thermal oil, operating temperature 210 C° (410 F°). Top & Bottom platens have separate heating circuits.

Hydraulic System, complete unit like pump, valves, controls positioned on the right side of the press in-feed direction. Hydraulic Reservoir is positioned on top of the Press.

Thermal Oil Handling, secondary unit is positioned next to the hydraulic system.

(is not included as it serves another Press Line as well)
Requirements, 130,000 kcal/h (510,000 Btu/h).

Weight, Main Press weight is 32,500 kg (36 US tons)   

6. Position:
Out-feed Roller Conveyor
, frequency-controlled, L-5,300 mm x W-1,400 mm (17' x 4.5'), transports finished board to edge cleaning and lateral Transfer Conveyor.

7. Position:
THOMAS MFG. Lateral Transfer Conveyor
, approx. L-140" x  W-120" with (2) sets of Custom Made "HD", Length & Cross  Edge-Trimmers

8. Position:    
Transport Conveyor
, L-3,600 x W-1,400 mm (12' x 4.5') to transport panels after edge-cleaning to Automatic De-Stacking Unit. 

9. Position:
Automatic Vacuum De-Stacker,
A Frame Portal Design with 45° tilt function for bottom of board inspection. Side to side stroke 6,000 mm (19.5'), allowing for (2) stacking positions at a capacity of (2) cycles/Min.
SIEMENS "Simatic" Operator Interface & Machine Control; 
Panel with color touch screen & ESA MT20DP input panels. (1) Main Pedestal near the Press loading area, (2) additional sub-panel pedestals closed to each end of the Line

Power Requirements, 90 KW, 480 Volt, 60 Cycles
Complete With:

Press Plates, 
comes with (2) sets of standard textured plates.

Safety, partial fencing in dangerous areas.

Operator Platform, custom platform in lay-up area is included. 

Documentation, Original Manufacturers manuals and schematics are on hand.
Floor Space Required:
Complete Line, ... L - 140', W - 19' (widest section).

    Special Note:  
    Comment: BURKLE 4 x 8 Melamine Press Line, Currently in Operation!
    Written By: Karl Balg  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.