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Bill Christoffersen
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EXF #:   PB-010414  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Reconditioned   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 4,000,000
Price:   Please call    
Region:   NORTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)


One Plywood Press Line System;
Complete with the following components and features:
Item One – (1) Reconditioned GLOBE 4’ x 8’ Pre-Press 

 Moving Bolster is 54” x 106” 

 48” of Daylight

 Four 10” Diameter main rams, chromed rods

 One center mount jack ram

 Side loading and unloading

 Four flat top carry through chains with air bag jump

 Hydraulic unit will have new VICKERS pump and new piping with HAWE 100 prefill

 Push button control panel

Item Two – (1) Four Strand Chain Conveyor

 Approximately 10’ long x 7’ wide

 3 HP Gear motor driven

 81X Chain

Item Three – (1) New One-Man Charger Loader

 This is a Heavy structural frame with an assist roll to help one-man load panels in the charger.

 The platform is extra wide for room to move the assist roll aside when two men are loading the charger

 A 6000 lb. X-Lift is included to allow for easy feeding at a fixed height

 Foot switches are provided for controlling the X-Lift height when manually loading the charger.

Item Four – (1) 40 Opening Roll-a-Head Hot Press Charger

 This Hot Press Charger is Hydraulically operated with the Hydraulic valves and controls

 The charger is mounted on rails (supplied by customer) that are embedded in the plant floor

 The main frame is constructed from heavy wall tubing with a channel and tube constructed inner carriage that is moved towards the press with a single hydraulic valve and driven with a pair of double ended cylinders on a heavy chain reeving system

 The open trays are made from rectangular tubing with wear strips on the bottom. They carry the panels into the press with 1 inch of the tray extending past the out-feed for positive unloading

 The trays are lined on the bottom with MICARTA wear strips and use brass pusher bars on the front of the trays to protect the platen surfaces

 Stop fingers at the front of the trays help align the panels and the side and end squaring are spate devices that work in the sequence to square the panels before loading the press
Item Five – (1) NEW Maintenance Platform between Charger Hot Press

 This 48” wide platform is installed between the hot press and the charger

 It requires the charger to rollback 52” for clearance when in use

 This platform parks above the charger when it is not being used

 It can only be used for repairs to the press or charger when they are not in operation

 It comes with a complete column frame and cylinder lift with a rack and pinion cross shaft to keep it level
Item Six – (1) WILLIAMS & WHITE 40 Opening Hot Press

 Normal Panel Size 4’ x 8’

 New Platens steam heated 54” x 106” x 1.75”

 New Step-N-Guide system

 Press has 4 main rams 11.5” diameter and 2 jack rams 6.5” diameter

 Four corner post strain rod construction
Item Seven – (1) New Hydraulic Power Unit for WILLIAMS & WHITE Press Line

 (1) 1200 Gallon Tank

 (2) Worldwide 75 HP motors, 70 gallon VICKERS pumps

 (2) Worldwide 50 HP motors, 35 gallon VICKERS high pressure pump

 (1) Worldwide 40 HP motor, 30 gallon VICKERS pressure compensated pump

 IPS integrated proportional press circuit manifolds

 MAHLE high pressure filtration

 Pressure transducers

 All reservoir components included

 Reservoir heater, IFM temperature and oil sensor

 Included is all the remote I/O panel prewired and punted to HPU

 Tested and painted to customer’s specification before delivery

Item Eight – (1) New Roll-a-Side Pit-less Pie Rack

 This is an open center design with two independent skate wheel sections per opening. These pivot on 2-bolt flange bearings mounted on large square tube support columns placed when trays are tilted down

 A hoist mounted inside the framework lifts the rack up to start unloading panels in the stacker

 When the pie rack reaches the floor level, the stacker is raised up to finish unloading the panels

Item Nine – (1)  New Panel Stacker

 This is a hoist mounted panel receiving rack stacker

 The system squares both the sides and the back of the panels, building a tight square stack

 The platform uses a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower the stack as it is accumulated then discharges the stack by means of a gravity roll case at the end of the cycle.

 A tilting, belt driven arm removes the panels from the receiving rack as it lowers

 A panel stop frame with a powered gate is attached to the unloader to hold the panels in the receiving rack until they are unloaded

Item Ten – One NEW Hydraulic Loading and Unloading Hoist System

 This includes the columns and framework around the press, dual trunnion mounted hoist cylinders, with flow controls mounted directly on the cylinders. All hydraulic runs are supplied in tubing, all hydraulic hoses are 2-wire braid standard

Item Eleven – (1) NEW ALLEN BRADLEY Control Logix PLC and Operator Stations

 Press Line PLC
A new ALLEN BRADLEY 1756-L61 processor, with (2) 1756-EN2T Ethernet communication cards, Analog Input and discrete Inputs/Outputs. All parts will be assembled on a new HOFFMAN enclosure

 Pre-Press Operator Station
All Bradley Flex I/O, all ALLEN BRADLEY buttons, assembled in a HOFFMAN enclosure. Designed to operate the Pre Press and communicate with the PLC over the Ethernet.

 Charger Operator Station
All Bradley Flex I/O, all ALLEN BRADLEY buttons. Assembled in a HOFFMAN enclosure. Designed to operate the Charger and communicate with the PLC over the Ethernet.

 Loader Operator Station
ALLEN BRADLEY Flex I/O, all ALLEN BRADLEY buttons, assembled in a HOFFMAN enclosure. Designed to operate the Loader and communicate with PLC over the Ethernet.

 Stacker Operator Station
ALLEN BRADLEY Flex I/O, all ALLEN BRADLEY buttons, assembled in a HOFFMAN enclosure. Designed to operate Stacker and communicate with PLC over the Ethernet.

    Special Note: Great Value
    Comment: A great setup for high production!
    Written By: Bill Christoffersen  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.