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Year of Mfg.:   2015
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 1,800,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   SOUTHEAST (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   PB-010410  
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Complete with the following components: 

  3,000 Gallon Cone Bottom Plastic Tank (Lignosulfonate Storage).

  2,000 Gallon Flat Bottom Plastic Tank (Lignosulfonate storage) - 1,800 Gallons of Lignosulfonate.

  350 Gallon Cone Bottom Plastic Mixing Tank (To Feed Paddle Mixer).

  Gasoline 200 Gallon/Min. Pump and Spray Bar (To Feed Paddle Mixer).

  DOYLE Paddle mixer 40 HP 3 Ph Motor (6' W x 8' L x 7' H) w/Certified Scales, Electrical Breaker Box & Start/Stop Switch.

  DOYLE Conveyor 15 HP 3 Ph Motor (28' L x 16" W Belt , Adjustable Heights to 12 Tied into Breaker Box as Paddle Mixer, Start/Stop Switch.

  PALMER MANUFACTURING V-Hopper, 2 HP Electric Motor Variable Speed, Multiplier and Gearbox, Drives an 8" Auger, Auger trough Lined w/Plastic.

  MARS MINERAL 12" Pin Mixer 40 HP Variable Speed Driven Electric Motor, New Rubber Liner & New Pins.

  MARS MINERAL (60) Gallon Cone Bottom Tank, 1 HP Electric Pump, Various Spray Nozzles, Plumbed into Pin Mixer used to Spray Binder into Pin Mixer (New Spare Pump)

  Conveyor 2 HP 3 Ph Electric Motor, 14' L, 7' H with 24" x 36" V-Hopper, 6" W Rubber Belt.

  PALMER Rotary Dryer, 2 HP Electric Motor 16" dia., 12' L with 1 MM BTU WAYNE Burner (Propane & Natural Gas Orifices), Multiple Spare Parts for Burner Controls, Hand Held Temperature Gun.

  PALMER Conveyor 1 HP Electric Motor, 10' L, 10" W Rubber Belt.

  Bucket Elevator 18' H with 10 HP 3 Ph Electric Motor.

  Screen Tower 10' H, 6' W, 8' L w/Stations to Hold (3) Bulk Sacks.

  SWECO 30" Round Vibrating Screen with 5 HP 3 Ph Electric Motor - (4) Stage Screens - (4) Size Products at Once) has (7) Different Size Screens that can be Used to Determine Product Size, (4) Down Spouts to Bulk Sacks.

  (400) Bulk Sacks to Catch the Different Sized Products.

  (5,000) Fertilizer Pocket Bags (Your Logo goes in Pocket before Sealing).

  Production Capacity: 1½ - 2 ton/hr.

  After purchase; (40) hours of training will be provided onsite to train your operating personnel, Will share different types of organic products used and volumes for different mixes. Will provide contacts for (3) companies that we perform custom granulation for.

  After purchase, dismantling and loading is included.

JUST REDUCED by more than $100,000 for a quick sale !

NOTES:  ●  The pin mixer was recently rebuilt with all new at a cost of over $7,000 for the parts.   ● The price includes removal and loading onto your trucks.  Two semi-trailers are are required.

    Special Note: Reduced
    Comment: American made equipment at an affordable price!
    Written By: Michel Hamel  
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    *Weight:Please call
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