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Bill Christoffersen
(800) 374-5009 ext. 365
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

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Jeff Terrill ext.349
EXF #:   PB-010395  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 40,000,000
Price:   Please call    
Region:   MIDWEST (Click for Regional Map)


MDF Manufacturing Facility designed around making thin door skins and will make board products as well. 

The plant is complete with few exceptions and boasts the following features and major components:

This plant produces MDF fiber from wood chips delivered to the site by outside vendors.  Such fiber is generated by a steam pressurized “digester” and pressurized disc refiner.  The refined fiber is then dried and blended with resin.  The furnish fiber is subsequently vacuumed formed onto a loosely woven conveyor belt sometimes called a “wire,” a means similar to that utilized in a portion of the ubiquitous Fourdrinier method paper machine.  The formed mat is trimmed to a precise size to be inserted into a press where door face sized dies in the press directly press a shape into the door skins. 
The plant has two WASHINGTON IRON WORKS (WIW) production lines making door skins for two different applications.  The main production line has a 6-opening, nominal size 6’ x 8’ press.  The second production line has a 2-opening 4’ x 20’ press.  Specific press details are shown below.
The main or primary line was producing (60) press loads or (720) door skins per hour and a wood consumption rate of 4 TPH.  It can be assumed that the second line produces at approximately the same curing rate although not the same number of skins per hour.  However, that line was not used after the company stopped producing door skins for garage doors.
The refining, drying and blending systems were configured to feed either the 6-opening press line or the 2-opening press line.  However, these systems were not designed to feed enough material to run both lines concurrently.
There is a pre-finish flat line for painting the door skins automatically with little oversight by a roaming operator.  The line is built in a serpentine layout with powered curved 90° corner transfers.  Paint is applied by means of multi or “gang” sprayers placed over the panel and spray is activated by approaching panels.  Multiple ovens dry or cure paint after each application of paint.  Two paint “booths” or painting apparatus sections and two ovens were removed upon closure by the previous owner.
The previous owner removed some items upon shutdown or shortly thereafter.  The real estate is not part of this offer, only the machinery.  The major components are as follows:

Refining (Subject to prior sale.)
  ● SPROUT BAUER Vertical Digester.
  ● Horizontal Steaming Screw Digester (long ago abandoned for use in lieu of better vertical one).
  ● SPROUT BAUER Plug screw feeder.
  ● 1992 SPROUT BAUER 42” ICP Model Refiner (no motor- available from other sources).
  ● Refiner Lube system.
  ● Refiner Operator’s Controls.
  ● Refiner Main Motor Starter.

Chip Storage (Subject to prior sale.)
  ● 2005 27’ dia. X 80’ high COLUMBIAN TECTANK Chip Silo with LAIDIG Model "298" Reclaimer (unloader).
  ● High Pressure transfer system from TECTANK.

Auxiliary Systems
  ● 36 inch Hog. (Subject to prior sale.)
  ● CLARKES Fire Suppression System.
  ● GRECON Plugged Alert System.

  ● Blender Fiber Feed Bin.
  ● THAYER Scale at Blender infeed.
  ● DRAIS WERKE Chip and Resin Mixer, paddle type Blender.   (Previous owner removed two attrition Blenders upon shutdown - Paddle Blender remains.)
  ● Blender Discharge Fan.
Primary or Main Forming and Press Line
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Forming Machine with Vacuum Felting & Low Pressure Former Fan.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Shaver with Shave-off & Recycle Fan.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Former Shave-off Baghouse Air Filtration Unit with Airlock Discharge.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Trim and Mat Reject Recycle System.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Pre-Compressor.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Side Trim Saws.
  ● 1992 WIW Mat Cut-off Saw.
  ● 1992 Mat Metal Detector.
  ● 1992 WIW Forming Line Conveyor System with Mat Reject Tipple and Mat Speed-up Belts.
  ● 1992 WIW 6-Deck Traybelt Type Press Loader.
  ● 1992 WIW with 7’-11”W X 96”L platens, 3900 Ton Capacity, Steam Heated, 6-Opening Press, with (12) 36-inch Die capacity and Spring-Loaded simultaneous.
  ● Closing Arms. (hardboard mfg. pressure)
  ● 1992 WIW Press Die Loader with Elevator.
  ● 1992 WIW Press Unloader with Powered Ribbon Belt Conveyors.

NOTE: Press Dies not included.
  ● WONDERWARE HMI Control System with Integrated Software.
  ● Multiple MCC Rooms of Motor Controls.
  ● GE Variable Speed Drives.
  ● Press Oil Cooling Coils and Fans.
  ● Press Counter Cooling Coils and Fans.
  ● 40 kV Power Distribution and Control Panels.
Sizing Line
  ● JENKINS Door Skin Sizer with Skinner and Equalizer Saw Systems plus Wide Belt Conveying and Dust Suction.


  ● Fiber Feed Bin (older than the main part of the line).
  ● 2007 WIW MDF Mat Forming Machine, 54 inches wide with Mat Fiber Suction beneath the forming belt.
  ● 2007 Low pressure Suction Fans.
  ● 2007 WIW Mat Shaver.
  ● 2007 WIW Belt Type Mat Pre-Compressor.
  ● 2007 WIW Mat Side Trim Saws.
  ● 2007 WIW Mat Cut-off Saw.
  ● GORING CORNING TEK, Model "21", Mat Metal Detector.
  ● 2007 WIW Forming Line Conveyor System with Mat Reject Tipple and Mat Speed-up Belts.
  ● 2007 WIW 2-Deck Traybelt Type Press Loader.
  ● 1964 Reconditioned/Repurposed WIW 2-Opening Press having 54” x 20 Ft. platens, Steam Heated, with (4) 24-inch Die capacity and Chain Operated    
  ● Simultaneous Closing, Top Down Cylinder Arrangement with Hydraulic Pumping System located on top.
  ● 2007 WIW Press Unloader with Powered Ribbon Belt Conveyor.
NOTE: Press Dies not included.
Pre-Finish Line (Items have been dismantled - ready to load.)
  ● (4) Year 2007 Gas Fired Ovens.
  ● (3) Year 2007 FOREST TECHNOLOGIES Electric IR Ovens.
  ● (1) Year 2007 Flat Line FOREST TECHNOLOGIES Electric IR Oven.
  ● Airless Sprayer Pumps.
  ● Flat Line Automatic Conveying System with Powered Corners for serpentine layout.
  ● Door Skin Stacker with manual assistance.

 Available for inspection.  Call for to arrange an appointment.

    Special Note: Hard to Find
    Comment: A great way to make MDF on a smaller scale!
    Written By: Bill Christoffersen  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.