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Model:   78/A20/S2
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   1998
Condition:   Fair condition   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   Please call
Price:   $ 9,500 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 193 National Capital Leasing
Region:   PACIFIC NORTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)


 0.4 - 20 mm Edge thickness cap., min. panel width 55 mm (2-1/4"), panel thickness 12 - 60 mm, min. edge length 7.8"


  Pre-Mill Station to clean the edge of the panel prior to applying the Edge Strip.

  Quick pre-melt glue pot,

  Pressure zone with (7) pressure rollers,

 Double end trims (0.7 HP - 12,000 RPM motor ea.), ,

  Top & Bottom Rough trim ,

  Top & Bottom Fine trim profile.

  4-Motor Corner Rounder, radius scrapers, hot air blowers, Top and bottom buffers.

  Controls: HOMATIC "NC 16" Line controller features: Real-time "OS9" operating system, functions in Windows environment; PLC w/storage for (40) working programs, each with (160) functions for remote control of processing units; keypad w/LCD display, fault diagnostic, etc.

Equipped with: 

  Automatic coil feed magazine for coil material up to 3 mm thickness, strip feed magazine for up to 20 mm (3/4") solid wood banding.

  "Quick Melt" glue system "QA 34" with per melt hopper feeder & roller applicator (reversible);

  Pneumatic pressure roll section with (1) large dia. driven & (6) idle rollers.

  Double motor front & rear end trim (0.7 HP - 12,000 RPM motor ea.), pneumatic chamfer setting.

  Top & Bottom rough trims (2 HP - 12,000 RPM motor ea.);

  Top & Bottom bevel & radius trims (0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM motor ea.), tiltable 0° - 30°; pneumatic exclusion from operator panel.

  Top & Bottom profile trim units for leading & trailing edge (four 0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), up to 4 mm edge thickness, all trim station motors are 200 Cy HF and equipped w/electronic brakes.

  Glue scraping for Top & Bottom panel edge,

  Top & Bottom hot air blowers to reactivate edge color,

  Top & Bottom buffing unit w/oscillation control (0.3 HP - 1,650 RPM motors).

  Motorized top pressure beam with powered V-belt holddown, 80 mm wide Heavy Duty feed chain w/rubber pads, automatic chain track lubrication system, 5 HP feed drive for variable feed speed of 23 - 98 FPM.

Complete with: 

 SIKO Digital adjustments on Top & Bottom trim, fine trim, and scraper stations;

  10 KVA - 300 Cy frequency converter,

  Electronic DC brakes on all trim motors,

  Sound enclosures for all trim workstations,

  Adjustable outboard panel support with (4) floor support.

Note: There is a Doucet return conveyor included but there is no panel transfer from the edgebander to the return section

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