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Model:   18 MEGAWATTS


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2009
Condition:   New, Never Used   
Value New:   $ 19,300,000
Price:   $ 8,500,000 USD
Region:   RUSSIA (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   EC-010474  
Description:   (view full)

18 MW WARTSILA Complete Gas Power Plant.

WARTSILA's gas power plants offer reliable and high performance; even when the conditions are most challenging. Their energy output and fuel efficiency remains consistent across the entire load range, whether operating in hot deserts, high mountains, city centers or sweltering jungles. The negligible amount of cooling water needed is invaluable in dry locations.

  Specifications: Power Plant Buildings - Engine Hall Superstructure; Utility Block; Fire Fighting Structures; Ancillary Service Buildings; Boiler Building; Lubricating Oil Tank Shelter; Auxiliary Structures: Cooling System Structures; Water Treatment & Separation Structures; Power Transmission & Auxiliary Transformer Areas. 

  Generating Set - 20V34SG Engine; Generator, common base frame with steel springs mounting; flexible connections between engine and external piping; cooling water and exhaust gas bellows; prefabricated maintenance platform.

  Auxiliary Modules - Pre-heating unit; thermostatic valve lubricating oil back-up cooler; high temperature water system; jacket water expansion tank; charge air silencer; purge fan unit; oil mist separator; safety vent piping.

  Fuel Gas System - Gas regulating system; main gas flow regulating unit; gas scrubbers and filters; main safety shut-off valve unit; piping and valves inside and outside of engine hall.

  Lubricating Oil System - Unloading pump system; oil storage tank; oil service tank and transfer pump unit (mobile); piping and valves inside and outside engine hall.

  Compressed Air System - Starting air bottle; starting air compressor unit; control and working air compressor unit; piping and valves.

  Cooling System - Cooling Radiator; Preheating unit low temperature circuit; maintenance water tank (glycol/water); service water tank and booster unit. 

  Charge Air System - Three-way damper for charge system; charge air filter & ducting charge system.

  Includes: Exhaust System; Water Treatment System; Main Switchgear; Station Service System w/Diesel Generating Set and Light Fuel Oil Tank; Frequency Converters for heat recovery and cooling radiator; DC System; Earthing System & breakers and distribution cables for connection to local industry; spare parts for 8,000 hours service. 

New in 2009, never installed or used , still in the factory packaging (photo shows another plant set-up) - inquire transportation information (requires  65 containers).  


    Special Note: Like New
    Comment: Complete 18 MW Gas Power Plant;...never installed and in new condition!
    Written By: Jim Reedy  
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