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EXF #:   BP-012602  


Model:   PLANET HP
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2004
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 520,000
Price:   $ 43,000 USD    
Financing: $ 875 National Capital Leasing
Region:   WEST COAST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

"Gantry Bridge" TWIN TABLE Routing & Edgebanding Center with (2) independent working tables: (2) Independent routing units mounted to the back side of the support beam & (1) independent edge banding unit mounted to the front side of the support beam; it is possible under some circumstances for all (3) units to work simultaneously & totally independent of each other.

  Working Fields: Working field with both tables locked together X-axis 157.4" (4,000 mm), Y-axis 70.8" (1,800 mm), and Z-axis stroke 15.7" (400 mm), max material thickness when machining 6.6" (170 mm).

  Working field for each individual table "X" axis 63" (1,600 mm), "Y" axis 70.8" (1,800 mm); "Z" axis stroke 15.7" (400 mm), max material thickness when machining 6.6" (170 mm).

  Edge Banding: Minimum internal radius when edge banding 1.18" (30 mm) & minimum external radius when edge banding 0.39" (10 mm) depending on the type of banding material; max. material height when edge banding 2.36" (60 mm).

  Postioning speed: X- & Y-axis 492 FPM (150 MPM), Z-axis 82 FPM (25 MPM); "X" & "Y" axis uses a helical rack & pinion system, "Z" axes use precision ball screws; all axes movement is on precision linear guides & ways & controlled by digital, brushless AC Servo motors; all motion components are maintained by an automatic lubrication system.

  Work Tables: (2) Independent work tables with (8) Tube-less support rails, (4) rails with (4) pneumatic lifters each table; (2) vacuum pods per rail; manual positioning of rails & vacuum pods via LED positioning indicators & according to the parts processing requirements from the NC control.

  (4) Pneumatic back stops, (2) pneumatic side stops & (2) pneumatic center stops per work table.

  Boring Units: (2) Independent boring units, each with (1) 4 HP (3 kW) motor, 4,500/6,000 RPM; each head with (18) Independent vertical boring spindles, (14) spindles in "X" axis & (4) spindles in "Y" axis (one shared spindle); each head with (6) horizontal spindles, (2+2) in "X" axis & (1+1) in "Y" axis.

  Routing Units: (2) Independent routing units, each unit with (1) 10 HP (7.5 kW) air cooled electro-spindles with "HSK 63" adaptors; programmable from 1,500 - 18,000 RPM; each spindle with NC controlled "C" axis for 360° horizontal processing.

  (24) Automatic Tool Changers with (1) 12-Position ATC tool holder mounted at each head for "on the fly" ATC (max. dia. tooling 180 mm when leaving open space on either side of the tool).

  The boring & routing heads are mounted to back side of the central support beam;

  Edge Banding Unit: (1) Edge banding unit mounted to the front side of the support beam; NC controlled 360° operation for straight or contour edges with hot melt applicator and pressure rollers swiveling via a "C" axis; 300 mm min. part length for radius edgebanding; 0.4 - 3 mm PVC thickness and 0.4 - 2 mm veneer thickness.

  (1) 3-Coil magazine for automatic coil material feeding and individual strip feeding device for banding strips; 60 mm max. edge banding height.

  Aggregate (edge banding) tooling included with the machine: (2) Saw aggregate with 180 mm dia. blade; (2) Top & Bottom combination edge trimming and scraping units; (2) Blow-off units to clean the panel profile.

  PC Front end with: XILOG-OPERATOR + Windows "XP" operating system; 15" VGA color monitor, standard industrial keyboard & mouse & ergonomic keypad: CD ROM 24X & 1.44 MB floppy disk drives, RS-232 & RS-242 serial ports, USB ports.

  XILOG-OPERATOR Interface offers incredible list of functions from (a) auto-diagnostic to (z) zooming; controlled acceleration & deceleration, encoder feedback, dynamic tool correction via PLC due to active tool wear using space-and-time criteria; programs can be transferred via diskette or downloaded by wire.

  Additionally equipped with: On-board mini-CAD with built-in programming for writing circles, ellipses & angles with only a few keystrokes; onboard cycle optimization, onboard calculator, mirror-imaging, and repeat imaging.

  Complete with: (2) 100 M³/Hr vacuum pumps; safety mats; scrap conveyor; user & maintance manuals, wiring diagrams and operation of Numerical Control.

  Actual Model is Morbidelli "Planet H"

    Special Note:
    Comment: A lot of machine & equipment value for the money!
    Written By: Jon Daniel  
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