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EXF #:   SX-012759  


Machine Type:  

WIDE BELT (50" - 90", 3-HEAD)

Year of Mfg.:   2014
Condition:   New, Never Used   
Elect./Voltage:   220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: $ 75,000  
Price: $ 54,000    Act Now!
Financing:   $ 1,085 National Capital Leasing
Region:   SOUTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)


APEX 2052W-DDC Wide Belt Sander, (3) Heads

The Apex model "2052W-DDC" Sander is a workhorse of a machine with two, 8” diameter contact drum heads each powered by their own 30 HP motor (not shared with another head), followed by a Combination Head with a 25 HP motor.

Head Configuration:

1st Head: 

  • Contact Drum 8" and 80-85 durometer rubber hardness.
  • Contact Drum pressure adjustment control with an easy turn of a handle.
  •  Heavy Duty high efficiency dust hood with anti-kickback roll.
  • Independent 30 HP motor.
  • Abrasive belt size is 52” x  103”.

    2nd Head: 
  • Contact Drum is 8" and 60-65 durometer rubber serrated drum.
  • Contact Drum pressure adjustment control with an easy turn of a handle.
  •  Heavy Duty high efficiency dust hood.
  • Independent 25 HP motor.
  • Abrasive belt size is 52” x 103”.

    3rd Head:
  • Combination head with a Contact Drum followed by an adjustable Polishing Platen.
  • Contact drum is a 6” diameter and 30-35 durometer rubber serrated drum.
  • Polishing platen is a graphite covered 2-1/2” wide cam adjustable polishing platen.
  • Heavy duty high efficiency dust hood.
  •  Independent 25 HP motor.
  • Abrasive belt size is 52” x 103".

  • Welded cage type frame, made in carbon steel, big size dimensions.
  • Four lifting-lowering screws mounted in the four corners for more rigidity and stability of conveyor bed.
  • Abrasive belts oscillation by means of electronic photocell sensor, including sensitivity trimmer adjustment.
  •  Belt trimming handle outboard side (belt loading door) to easily adjust for new belt tracking set up.
  •  High efficiency exhaust dust hoods system.
  • Idle table rollers support on in-feed.
  •  Double spring-loaded rubber covered holddown rollers (50 shore) on both sides of each sanding head to enable proper part hold down / feed through.
  • Motorized conveyor table lifting including fine adjustment, made on (4) precision screws on double support.
  • Programmable thickness panel with ability to store up to (10) presets.

    Equipped with & Features:
  • Programmable Digital Thickness Readout.
  • Centralized Control Panel with large load meters and programmable thickness device.
  • In-feed front emergency swinging bar.
  • Rear and front red emergency push button.
  • Automatic brake on abrasive belt and brush head motor.
  • Automatic brake system applied if abrasive belt breaks.

    NOTE: This sander has never been hooked-up to power only (2 hours and 27 minutes at factory for testing)

    Dims & weight: 6,725 Lbs (estimated shipping weight), 88” (L) x 66” (W) x 92” (T)
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Special Note: Like New
Comment: Like "brand new" 3-Head Sander with very universal Head specifications!
*Dimensions: 88" L x 66" W x 92" H
*Weight: 6,225 Lbs
Written By: Joe Retzlaff
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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