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EXF #:   EO-012222  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2014
Condition:   Excellent condition   
Elect./Voltage:   230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: $ 120,000    Act Now!
Price: $   29,800 USD     (Convert)
Financing:   $ 606 National Capital Leasing
Region:   WEST COAST (Click for Regional Map)


FRAVOL Smart 600-23, ... Production Edgebander

Main Specifications:

  • Edge & Workpiece Capacity: 0.4 - 8 mm (0.016 - 0.315") edge; 10 - 60 mm (0.394 - 2.362") panel thickness;
  • 140 mm (5.512") min. panel length and 100 mm (3.937") min. panel width.
  • Feed-speed: 14 or 18 MPM (46 or 59 FPM.)

    Front-End Equipped With:
  • Pre-Milling Station (RT/S), (2) motors @ 1.1 KW (1.5 HP), 12.000 RPM, LH & RH rotation w/pneumatic programmable jump control for chip-free and clean panel edges. Standard equipped with Dia. 60 mm x 64 mm H, with diamond inserts.
  • IR Panel Heat Lamp: Improves gluing bond especially during cooler ambient temperatures and humid conditions.
  • Automatic Edgemagazine: For strips up to 8 mm & coil stock up to 3 mm thick PVC.
  • Duo Gluing System: For regular granulate Hot Melt (EVA) and easy conversion to PUR glue. "Teflon lined" glue tank with bi-directonal glue roller.
    Automatic temperature reduction during stand-by time. Glue tank has quick release system for maintenance or quick change to different color or glue type.
  • Side Pressure Section: (3) Pessure rollers, (1) motorized, (2) idle, pneumatic pressure control and programmable NC-postioning servo motor.

  • End Trimming (INT 2/S): (2) motor @ 0.50 KW (0.70 HP) 12,000 RPM, automatic pneumatic chamfer 0° - 15° or total exclusion from control panel. Glides 45° on prismatic linear hardened steel guides.
  • Trimming Unit (RF-S/S): Top/Bottom flush/bevel/radius milling unit, (2) motors, 0.73 KW (1.00 HP) 12,000 RPM. Pneumatic remote tilt in (2) positions, postion-1 for radius and thin edges up to 0.8 mm trimming, position-2 for flush trimming up to 8 mm edges.

    Equipped with banding thickness gauge block feature for quick and easy set-up/change over. Includes 1-axis nc servo control motors for programmable chang-over from thin to 8 mm solid wood edges or incremental re-positioning of the cutter-head.
  • Corner Rounding Unit (SYNCRO 1): Compact and easy to set-up for leading & trailing edges, (1) motor 0.22 KW (0.295 HP) 12.000 RPM, elecronically synchronized. Working capacity, min. 10 mm, max. 60 mm panel thickness.
  • Profile Scraping Unit (RB/S): Top & bottom radius scraping for PVC - ABS edges. Heavy construction to eliminate virbrations and guarantee superior edge quality. Air blow-off jets and chip collection box.
  • Clean Spray System: Top/Bottom spray nozzles applies edge cleaning solvent prior to buffing.
  • Glue Scraping Unit (RC/S): Top & bottom pneumatically operated glue scraping on flat panel surface to remove potential glue squeeze-out that otherwise would coat the cloth buffing discs.
  • Buffing Station (GSI/S): Top/bottom (2) motors, 0.09 KW (0.125 HP) 2,800 RPM, manual, horizontal, vertical and tilting adjustment
  • Hot Air Unit PHON (GP/S): Top/bottom hot air blowers to restore PVC color after scraping. Electrical power 2,000 Watt, 0° to 600° C temperature adjustment.

    Complete With:
    • PLC Program Control, with 10.7" color touch screen display, can store up to (800) machining programs.
    • Graphical operator interphase for easy program input or manual operation of all workstations.
    • Motorized and programmable up/down hold-down pressure beam.
    • Sound enclosure with interior lights for convenient machine set-up or maintenance.
    • Automatic buffing wheel cleaner, LP 163/93.

    NOTE: Actual Model is SMART 600-23 - Overall length ...22' approx.
Special Note: Best Buy
Comment: FRAVOL Production Edgebander, a "Solid Built" machine!
*Dimensions: 169" L x 34" W x 62" H
*Weight: 3,895 Lbs
Written By: Karl Balg
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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