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New & Used Woodworking,
Stone & Metalworking Equipment
Auction, Liquidation or Combination...
Let Us Sell Your Surplus Machinery either in an Online Auction or Liquidation!
If Time is the Deciding Factor:
  • An Online Auction happens quickly: typically within (4 - 6)
    weeks with all or most of the equipment sold depending on
    set or no reserves.
  • A typical liquidation sale is 90 - 150 days. You are in absolute control of the sales' prices, but potentially the less desirable pieces will remain unsold.
  • A liquidation can be turned into an auction within days if a quicker sale is necessary.

No Charge To You, we will
come to your facility and
work together with you to:
  • Staging the equipment to make them most presentable.
  • Take plenty of photos, overall and detailed for our website., marketing, and promotion.
  • We write technical specifications of your equipment.
  • Take videos of the equipment in operation, if possible.
  • Promote your equipment on multiple platforms including our websites & external marketing sites
  • Send out multiple sales notifications to 75,000+ email subscribers and potential buyers.

For any sale, On Your
Behalf, We:
  • Handle all the paperwork among you, buyers, and us.
  • Collect the buyer's payments and submit collected payments to you after closing of the auction or periodically in case of a 90 - 150 day liquidation.
  • Provide buyers with freight assistance through our Logistics Department for shipments domestically or out of the country.
Auction, Liquidation or Combination...
Call Me Today to Discuss Your Best Options to Sell!
Sharon Chisholm
800.374.5009 ext. 460
Buying or Selling...
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