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Material Handling Equipment can include a Buffer Area, a Double Loading and Unloading
(Off-Stacking) Area plus a section for reject or special panel removal or insertion.


A System may consist of the following:

  • Infeed System with Bridge Feeder with (2) stations for continuous feed, staging and regect area, with Floor Conveyor and Central Infeed Conveyor
  • Adjustable Guide System for 3 meter Conveyor
  • Top Cleaning Brush
  • Panel Heater + 2 m conveyor with Adjustable Guide System for 2 meter Conveyor
  • Top Only or Top & Bottom Glue Spreader
  • Triple Roller (Calendar) Press, (1) set steel, (2) sets rubber covered Calendar Rollers
  • Single Roll Unwinding Station (upper and lower)
  • Platform Catwalks
  • 9-Meter Outfeed Conveyor
  • Stacking Unit with Double Off Loading Area, Buffer, and reject removal area.

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