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EXF #: WM-010071


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph
List Price: $ 12,500
Our Price: $ 11,500
Financing: $ 234 National Capital Leasing
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ATECH Phoenix 02-SH Automatic Single Corner Vinyl (PVC) Welding Machine;


  • Composed of steel plate chassis guaranteeing stability, tables made from 25 mm aluminum plates, providing accuracy of joined PVC profiles by corner welding. Both sides of the machine equipped with profile supports for handling long profiles parallel to the table easing precise stability.
  • Adjustable set squares placed over aluminum tables provide welding between 15° to 180°.
  • The machine is equipped with electrical & pneumatics protection and safety systems for machine operator's safety.

    Designed for: Connecting corners of profiles in 15° - 180° degrees by melting. Operator can make the adjustments of clamp and melting pressure according to profile. One by one clamping feature in every pressing on the foot pedal. Adjustable pressure and melting time according to the profile type. Bottom and top welding burr cleaning knives with adjustable distance. After clamping the profiles welding process completes automatically. Adjustable thermostat which can be adjusted to the desired temperature between 0° to 260° C.
  • Min. 1.5 mm melting thickness, max. height 6" (150mm), max. width @ 45 degrees is 5.5" (140mm).

    Includes: Lateral support fixtures. Price for holding fixtures for each profile are available when samples are provided.

    Requires electrical power supply for 2 HP (1.5 KW) @ 220 V, 60 Cy, 1 Phase, and air supply of 0.2 CFM (5 Lt/min) @ 90 -120 PSI (6 - 8 bar).

    Electrical components bear CE, UL, CSA Certificate and appropriate standards.
Comments: A lot of machine & equipment value for the money!
*Dimensions 31" L x 33" W x 55" H
*Weight: 360 Lbs
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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