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EXF #: WM-010070


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph
List Price: $ 12,500
Our Price: $ 11,500
Financing: $ 234 National Capital Leasing
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ATECH Phoenix 02-SH Automatic Single Corner Vinyl (PVC) Welding Machine;

Composed of steel plate chassis guaranteeing stability, tables made from 25 mm aluminum plates.


  • In order to provide welding accuracy, vinyl profiles by melting in each time, are placed onto the base to that table precision is accomplished with left tables movement of libays bearings. 
  • Both sides of the machine equipped with profile supports for handling long profiles parallel to the table easing precious stability.
  • Adjustable set squares placed over aluminum tables provide welding between 15° to 180°.
  • The machine is equipped with electrical & pneumatics protection and safety systems for machine operator's safety.

    Designed for & features: 
  • Connecting corners of profiles in 15° - 180° degrees by melting. Operator can make the adjustments of clamp and melting pressure according to profile.
  • One by one clamping feature in every pressing on the foot pedal.
  • Adjustable pressure and melting time according to the profile type.
  • Bottom and top welding burr cleaning knives with adjustable distance. After clamping the profiles welding process completes automatically.
  • Adjustable thermostat which can be adjusted to the desired temperature between 0° to 260°C.
  • Min. 1.5 mm melting thickness, max. height is 6" (150mm), max. width @ 45° is 5.5" (140 mm).

    Requires: Electrical power supply for 2 HP (1.5 kW) at 220 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph, and air supply of 0.2 CFM (5 lt/min) @ 90-120 PSI (6-8 bar).

    Electrical components bear CE, UL, CSA Certificate and appropriate standards.
Comments: A lot of machine & equipment value for the money!
*Dimensions 31" L x 33" W x 55" H
*Weight: 360 Lbs
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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