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EXF #: FJ-300010


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: AS REQUIRED
List Price: $ 125,000
Our Price: $ 96,800
Financing: $ 1,935 National Capital Leasing
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CAM-WOOD SFJ-6-195-AUTO Automatic Finger Joint Line (6” X 195”):

Automatic finger joint production line complete with Right Hand Shaper, Left Hand Shaper with Glue Applicator, and Assembly Press and Cutoff Saw to produce finger joint boards up to 16’ long. 


  • Left Hand Shaper Section performs scoring, end trimming, shaping & gluing functions on left end of blocks.
  • Motors are fitted to the Shaper Sections where saw blades are mounted scoring to ensure clean joints as well as truing the ends of blocks.
  • Blocks are clamped to Shaper tables from the side and top; tables feed blocks thru the Shaper Sections while performing scoring, trimming, and shaping operations.
  • Glue is applied at the second Shaper Section.

  • Shaper spindles are precision constructed for cutting finger profiles accurately; accommodates 6” max. cutter diameter.
  • Spindle adjustments are displayed on a dial readout for quick, easy, and accurate adjustments.
  • Shaper tables travel on a precision linear guides.
  • Table stroke is driven by a hydraulic power system to ensure stable, smooth feeding. Accurate cuts are guaranteed
  • At the end of the first Shaper’s table travel, a conveyor table automatically transfers blocks to second Shaper while the first Shaper table returns to its starting position and immediately accepts blocks for succeeding work.   

    When the second Shaper has completed its cycle, including glue application, blocks are transferred for inspection and sent to the Press Section for assembly

    Assembly and Press Section: 
  • It performs (3) functions; preliminary assembly of blocks, cut assembled blocks to length, and final pressing with a heavy duty hydraulic system. After final pressing, boards are automatically fed out of the Assembly Section for stacking.
  • Press Section includes a feed system for fast feeding and alignment of blocks. Includes an adjustable length stops that triggers the automatic cut-to-length saw.
  • Press Section accommodates up to 16’ max. length -  Other lengths available.
  • System employs advanced programmable logic controller for easy operation and maintenance.
  • The machine's motion sequences are displayed by signal lamps for easy troubleshooting.

    Included Equipment - Line Configuration:
  • Machine configured for scoring and precision end trimming of blocks, machining fingers, applying adhesive, preliminary assembly, cut-to-length, and final pressing of joints for manufacturing boards up to 16’ long from short blocks.
  • Following are specifications for a feed through machine that includes a right side Shaper, left side Shaper & Glue Applicator, Assembler & Cut-To-Length Saw and Press sections.

    System Capacity:
  • Incoming blocks: Up to 6” wide x 3/4” to 6” thick x 6” to 31” long
  • Press: 3/4” to 6” width x 3/4” to 3” thick x up to 16’ long (up to 20’ optional)

    Machine Specifications:

    Block Infeed Transfer Conveyor, Station #1:
  • Conveyor receives blocks and transfers to the right side shaper. 24” Width x 24” x Length 36” capacity; with 1/2 HP Motor

    SFJ-620R Right Hand Shaper, Station #2:
  • Scores, trims, and shapes fingers at right side of material. 24” max. width x 6” to 31” length x 1/2” to 6” max. thickness capacity.  With 1 HP scoring, 2 HP trim & hogging saw, and 15 HP shaper motors. Variable table travel up to 2-1/2 table strokes per minute. With 1/2 HP feed belt, 2 HP hydraulic motors and (3) 4” dia. Dust outlets.

    SFJ-620L Left Hand Finger Shaper with Glue Applicator, Station #3:
  • Scores, trims, shapes fingers and applies adhesive at right side of material. 24” max. width x 6” to 31” length x 1/2” to 6” max. thickness capacity.  With 1 HP scoring, 2 HP trim & hogging saw, 15 HP shaper, and 1/2 HP glue applicator motors.

    Variable table travel up to 2-1/2 table strokes per minute. With 1/2 HP feed belt, 2 HP hydraulic motors and (3) 4” dia. Dust outlets.

    Finger Jointed Block Transfer Conveyor, Station #4:
  • Conveyor receives finger jointed blocks with adhesive on one end from the finger shaper and transfers to the assembly, cut-to-length and press section. 24” width x 36” length capacity; with 1/2 HP drive motor.

    SFJ-6200A Assembly, Cut-To-Length and Press, Station #5:
  • Pre-assembles fingers, cuts to length, and presses blocks to final length.
  • 3/4” to 6” width x 3/4” to 3” thickness x 181” (244” optional) length capacity.
  • 5 HP cutoff saw and 5 HP hydraulic motors. With (1) 4” dia. dust outlet.   

  • Voltages available:
  • 230, 460, and 575 Volt, must be specified when ordering. 
  • We warrant the mechanical performance of the machines. However, we cannot guarantee the performance of glue or tooling, tooling life, cost, quality and appearance of machined surfaces, or other factors beyond our control.

    Delivery and Shipment:
  • Current projected shipment date: Approximately 12 to 18 weeks after receipt of order, buyer’s application details, and order deposit. The delivery date could be adjusted to accurately reflect the factory’s production status when order is been received.  Deposit to follow to confirm delivery date that has been agreed upon.
Comments: New and for the price of a good used system!
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*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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