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Jeff Terrill
(800) 374-5009 ext. 349
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

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Dan Wolters at ext ...376

EXF #: FJ-010573


Machine Type:


Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
List Price: $ 25,000
Our Price: $ 21,800 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 443 National Capital Leasing
CAM-WOOD SFJ-530 Finger Joint Shaper

Single Fingerjoint Shaper with 8" min. and unlimited max. block length; 6" max. block thickness; 12" max. block width (horizontal joint only); 16" table working width.

Equipped with:

  • Shaper spindle powered by 15 HP belt drive motor with 50 mm dia. spindle turning at 9,000 RPM; swings 6" max. dia. cutter. 
  • Trimsaw powered by 3 HP direct drive motor at 3,500 RPM and a 1" dia. saw spindle; swings 10" max. blade dia. 
  • Table cycles 2-1/2 times per Min via hydraulic system with 2 HP hydraulic power unit. Includes 5" dia. dust outlet.

  • Manual Fingerjointer performs end trimming and shaping functions on right and left end of blocks.
  • Air-operated clamp holding blocks firmly in place. After work piece is clamped, table feeds past the saw and shaper spindles to perform trimming and fingerjoint operations; trim saw cuts blocks exact 90 degree ends. 
  • Shaper spindle is precision-constructed for cutting fingers accurately; swings up to 6" dia. tooling. 
  • Spindle height adjustment displayed on dial readout for easy adjustment. 
  • Table travels on a precision linear guide for stability; table traverse driven by hydraulic power system smooth and accurate block feeding. 
  • Variable feed speed permits proper feed for hard or soft wood. 
  • Cast iron frame and table for durability.

    Also available at extra cost:
  • Fingerjoint glue applicator, add $3,790
  • Fingerjoint assembly press, add $26,990
Comments: An ideal starter machine & at an attractive price!
*Dimensions Available From Product Manager
*Weight: 3,640 Lbs
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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