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Machine Type:  

WIDE BELT (50" - 90", 3-HEAD)

Year of Mfg.:   2014
Condition:   Excellent condition   
Elect./Voltage:   440 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   Please call
Price:   $ 66,700 USD    
Financing: $ 1,341 National Capital Leasing
Region:   NORTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

D M C EUROSAND L53  ...53" Wide Belt Sander with (3) Sanding Heads: 

1,350 mm (53") Max. working width, equipped with (2) Contact Rolls, and (1) "Superfinishing" Segmented Platen Head.

Head Configuration:

1st Head:
Steel Contact Roller, spirally grooved, 250 mm (9.8") diameter; 26 kW (35 HP) motor. Pneumatically operated grit compensation.

2nd Head: Rubber Contact Roller, spirally grooved, approx. 85° Shore hardness, 250 mm ( 9.8") diameter; 22 kW (30 HP) motor. Pneumatically operated grit compensation. 

3rd Head: "Superfinishing" Segmented Polishing Platen with inner Chevron belt. With "PE 45 EPICS" (Electronic Pad Independent Control Stroke) - electronically controlled, segmented pressure pad with (45) pneumatically activated segments, each 30 mm (1.2") wide. The EPICS-system allows imperfections in the panel of up to 2 mm (1/16"). Driven by 2-speed motor 15 / 18 kW (20 / 25 HP) motor. 


 All heads use abrasive belt size 2,620 x 1,370 mm (103" x 54"), and are equipped with electronic abrasive belt tracking, and pneumatic belt tensioning.

 Feed System with 900 mm (35-7/16") Constant pass line: 

  Vacuum bed assembly to ensure flatness of parts and feeding of small & lacquered panels.

  Variable feed speed  4 - 19 m/Min (13 - 62 FPM), with 7,5 kW (10 HP) feed motor.

  Motorized thickness opening 4 to 170 mm (3/16" - 6.7") and Automatic thickness adjustment.

  Pneumatically operated conveyor belt tracking. Holddown shoes for the first three heads, rubberized rollers in the platen area.

Machine Management System

  Front-mounted control console with B&E "HYDRA V-PAD" 17" colour touch-screen monitor. NC-computer control and management of all machine functions. Storage capacity for (120) different sanding programs. 

  Sanding heads with computer setup and adjustment, light indication of panel movement, thickness, and features maintenance indicator.

Equipped with & Features

  Roller table extensions front & back (28" each)

  Emergency stops front & back

  Load meters

 Oversized parts and infeed protection

 Dust extraction manifold. 


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