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Machine Type:  

WIDE BELT (12" - 39", 2-HEAD)

Year of Mfg.:   1993
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   Please call
Price:   $ 11,500 USD    
Financing: $ 234 National Capital Leasing
Region:   NORTHEAST (Click for Regional Map)
Description:   (view full)

SCMI SANDYA UNO Wide belt Sander (2) Heads

Width Capacity: 37": Drum, Combinations Head

Head Configurations:

1st Head: 5-1/2" Grooved Steel  Helical Drum,

2nd Head: Combination Style with 5" Grooved Rubber Covered Drum and 2-1/4" Platen.


 Single 30 HP Motor  Powers both Sanding Heads.

  Sanding Belt Size: 37" x 60".

  Feed Motor 1 HP 3PH motor Two-Speed Feed: 15 or 30 FPM

  Sanding belt speed 3150 SFPM.

 Compressed air requirements 7 CFM @ 85 PSI,

Equipped with & Features

 Pro-Scale for Thickness Adjustment, with manual bed Raise/Fall (Four Jack-Screws)

  Electro-Pneumatic Tracking

 Push-Button controls

 Amp Meter for main motor

 Infeed and outfeed tables, each with two (2) Idle Rollers

    Special Note:
    Comment: Nice sander for a small shop and well priced
    Written By: Joe Retzlaff  
    *Dimensions:55" L x 44" W x 63" H
    *Weight:2,310 Lbs
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.