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Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Rebuilt w/Warranty   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 7,850,000
Price:   $ 2,895,000 USD
Financing: $ 57,538 National Capital Leasing
Region:   EASTERN CDN (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   RY-010470  
Description:   (view full)

This Tire Shredder System built in the USA will be set up on our normal 480Volt 60HZ. Electricity.

  Will consist of

  Custom Built Infeed Conveyor

  Custom Built Shredder In-Feed Hopper

  Shredder 60 x 44 HT to take whole tires down to 2’’, cutting chamber will be set up as a split chamber to maximize output supply with a brand new set of hard face knives and a new SAI Hydraulic motors installed.

  300Hp Hydraulic Power Unit newly rebuilt Hydraulic Pump, Electric Motor (for powering 60x40HT shredder)

  Custom built shredder stand

  Custom Electrical Control panel

  5’wide x 40’ long Action Equipment Screener/Classifier

  Custom built Return Conveyor

  Custom built  Sized Material Out-Feed Conveyor

  Custom built 7’wide x 12’long Surge/Storage Bin with drag chain Conveyor in the bottom

  Custom Build Infeed Conveyor for Grizzly

  Grizzly Granutech Saturn (used to take 2’’ chips down to ¾ minus rubber)

  This machine is with the closed rotor style. (Another one an Open Rotor can be offered
     It is an extra where the temperature is very hot, extra cost $ 60,000)

  Custom Built Grizzly Electrical Panel Control

  Vibratory Conveyor

  Cross-Belt Self Cleaning Magnet with Custom Built Stand

 Custom-Built Stainless-Steel Screw Auger Conveyor and Custom-Built stand

  New Custom-Built Grizzly Discharge Conveyor

  Donaldson1Torit Model Dust Collector

  40HP Blower

  Cyclone with Air Lock and Custom-Built Stand

  Custom Built Duct Work for Grizzly System

  (2) 7’Wide x 12’ Long Surge/Storage Bins with drag chain conveyor in the bottom

  (2) Custom Built Granulator In-Feed Conveyor

  (2) Entoleter/Allsteel- Granulators (used to take minus ¾’’ down to 3/16’’ minus rubber)

  (2) Custom Built Granulator Electrical Control Panels

  (2) 20HP Blower

  (2) Cyclones with Custom-Built Stands

  (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diam x 20’Long Screw Auger Conveyors with Stand

  (2) Large Volume Magnets with Custom Built Stands

  (2) Custom Built 12’’ x 20’ Screw Auger Conveyor with Stands

  Custom Built duct work for Granulators

  (2) 7’ Wide x 12’ Long Surge/Storage Bins with drag chain conveyor in bottom

  (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diameter x 20’ LONG Screw Auger

  (2) Custom Built Cracker Mills (used to take 3/16’’ minus down to 8 Mesh

  (2) Custom Built Cracker Mill Electrical Control Panels

  Custom Built Duck work for Cracker Mills

  (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diameter x 20’ Long Screw Auger Conveyors with Stands

  (2) Drum Magnets (NEO 50 Rare Earth) with stainless chutes and hoppers (expensive)

  (2) Rotex Double Deck Screener

  (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diameter x 20’ Long screw Auger Conveyor with Stands

  (2) Custom Built Manual Bagging Stations

 (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diameter x 20’ Long Screw Auger Conveyors with Stands

 (2) Custom Built 12’’ Diameter x 20’ Long Screw Auger Conveyors with Stands

  Torit Dust Collector or Similar Brand

  75HP Blower

  Cyclone with Airlock and Custom Built Stand

  Truck Loading and Transportation not Included

    Special Note: UNDER CONTRACT
    Comment: A Condition like this AND less than 1/2 PRICE of a NEW ONE!
    Written By: Michel Hamel  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.