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EXF #:   VE-010498  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2004
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: $ 75,000    Act Now!
Price: $ 23,950 USD     (Convert)
Financing:   $ 487 National Capital Leasing
Region:   MIDWEST (Click for Regional Map)



Veneer Sheet "Face" Assembly includes: Glue application and longitudinal splicing in (1) pass, using (2) integrated glue applicators.

  • Capacity:  Veneer thickness 0.4 - 1.0 mm (per literature 1.5" thickness parts change available - not included). Veneer strip length/width: Length max. 126" (3200 mm)  to min. 11.8"  (300 mm). Veneer strip width 1-3/4" minimum. (45 mm) to a maximum of 47.2" (1200 mm). Moisture content approx 8 - 12 %. 
  • During production, the operator has all specifications within the field of vision on the control panel; adjustments can be made without interruption to production.
  • Glue application: Adjustable gluing unit ensures a perfect glue application using an applicator disc that is precisely angled to meet up with the veneer edge. The quantity of glue applied can be adjusted for the type of wood or the feed speed, glue supplied by (2) individual/integrated glue pots.
  • Drive & Feed: Upper & lower high-grade Stainless Steel chain tracks are powered by a unique hydraulic direct drive for high, controlled forces during veneer splicing.
  • The infeed rollers accurately align the veneer to the glue application rolling disc where an even coat is applied.
  • Glued veneers are transported through the heating section; veneer joints are completely cured when they exit the machine and are ready for the next process.
  • The photocell controlled infeed guarantees accurate end alignment, no staggering, of the joint and ease of feeding the machine.

Special Note:
Comment: TWO Glue Pots is better than one!
*Dimensions: 120" L x 72" W x 72" H
*Weight: 3,200 Lbs
Written By: Tony Cornacchione
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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