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EXF #:   FT-010687  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2012
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   200-600 V, 50/60 Cy, 3Ph
Value New: $ 230,000  
Price: Please Call    Act Now!
Financing:   National Capital Leasing
Region:   EASTERN CDN (Click for Regional Map)



  • Specifications:
    5' x 12' "Matrix" grid phenolic surface for "Nested Base Manufacturing", Front loading flow from Left to Right configuration

    Automatic Loading and Unloading System (Sweeping Arm + Loading Vacuum cups) .
  • Working capacity:
    "X" Axis 148.2" (3,765 mm), "Y" axis 61.4" (1,560 mm), "Z" axis stroke is 12.7" (324 mm), max. material thickness 6.7" (170 mm).
  • Positioning Speed:
    "X" Axis 279 FPM (85 MPM), "Y" axis 197 FPM (60 MPM), "Z" axis 65.6 FPM (20 MPM);

    "X" & "Y" Axes use a precision rack & pinion system, "Z" axis uses precision ball screws.

    All axes movement is on precision linear guides & ways and controlled by digital, brushless AC Servo motors.

    All motion components are maintained by an automatic lubrication system.
  • Work area:
    Flat table design with "Matrix" grid phenolic surface for "Nested Base Manufacturing",

    (14) External pneumatic pop-up stops for piece positioning at 4 corners of workstations; Automatic NC controlled (9) zone vacuum table.

    Prepared for (optional) "quick fit" vacuum outlets for optional clamping of small or awkward shaped parts; with "quick connect" vacuum outlet for custom vacuum pods & fixtures.
  • Boring Unit:
    (1) 2.5 HP (1.7 kW) motor, variable speed up to  6,000 RPM: BH18 Boring unit with (11) independent vertical spindles, (6) in "X" axis & (5) in "Y" axis.

    (4) Horizontal spindles with (1+1) in "X" axis & (1+1) i "Y" axis; (1) "X" axis Grooving saw for max 120 mm dia blade.
  • Machining:
    (1) 16.1 HP (12 kW) Air cooled "HSD" Electro-spindle with HSK F63 adaptor, RH & LH rotation; variable speed from 1,000 - 24,000 RPM.

    ((1) 16-Position ride along tool changer for "on the fly" ATC. 

    NC controlled tool presetting for the measurement of the tool length
  • Operator & Machine Control:
    PC Front End with: Biesse "BH 660" + "bSOLID" + "bNEST" + WINDOWS "WRT" (Windows Real Time) operating system;

    19" LCD Flat screen monitor; server, full keyboard & mouse all mounted on a mobile cart;

    Intel(R) Core i CPU; 8 GB RAM memory; 500 GB (SSHD) hard disk; Dedicated graphic card; DVD reader; USB ports; Ethernet card for network connection capabilities.

    "bSOLID" allows to design the final product, defines machining, defines working table set-up, simulates the part machining in 3D & generates the programs.

    "bNEST" allows to create nesting projects with related quantities to be produced and the list of boards to minimize the material usage & machining times. The optimization process result is a list of bSolid programs
    "bNEST" includes the following features: Manual nesting project creation, Data import from ERP or external design application is used in order to keep easy the data exchange between software applications. The imported data will be used for production and labelling as well. The import rules are configurable thus they can easily adapt to customer needs
    Dedicated environments where the operator can edit, check and fix all the information of parts, boards and materials. The item registry describes the item properties (dimensions, material, program, parameters).  The material registry can be filled in also with a data import from the company ERP system 

    Using specific parameters it's possible to break the cut-off parts in order to simplify their offloading by the operator. It's possible to add to the nesting results one or more cleaning cycles using the sweeping arm;  

    Automatic management of label applier or manual label printing with dedicated touch-screen device. It's possible to automatically optimize the label positions in order to avoid any label scratch or damage during the machining. 
  • Complete with:
    (2) 250 m³/Hr BUSH" vacuum pumps; Hand Held control pendant; Air Conditioned control cabinet

    Automatic program update according to the tool length; Automatic Lubrication system for linear guides, pads and re-circulating ball screw;

    Universal Auto-Transformer for voltages between 200-600 V, 50/60 Hz; Tele-Service capabilities; Perimeter Safety System & fencing;  Manuals & Documents on CD.
  • Options Include:
     ●  (1) NC Controlled infeed Scissor Lift table with vacuum loading;
     ●  (1) Rake system;
     ●  (1) NC controlled & powered flat belt outfeed table with vacuum sweeping system;
  • Actual Model is BIESSE ROVER A FT 1536 G FT
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Special Note: S O L D
Comment: Truly a "loaded" CNC System with Loading/Off-Loading!
*Dimensions: 300" L x 197" W x 96" H
*Weight: 15,000 Lbs
Written By: Bob Bullin
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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