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EXF #:   ED-010358  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:  
Condition:   Excellent condition   
Elect./Voltage:   380/415 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: € 2,250,000  
Price: Please Call    Act Now!
Financing:   National Capital Leasing
Region:   EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)


Full Line IMA COMBIMA Double Sided Combination Sizing & Edgebanders, plus RBO Material Handling Equipment.

The line is set up as follows:

  • RBO Winner 3200 Automatic Loader with "double pick-up device" and (2) motorized roller ways.
  • IMA Combima K/II/R75/975/F/R3.
  • WEMHONER W 169 "Infeed Roller Way" with (2) cones panel turner.
  • IMA Combima K/II/R75/975/F/R3.
  • RBO GPK-2 Roller Conveyor with (2) cones panel turner.
  • RBO Winner SC 3200 Automatic Unloader with "double pick-up device" and (2) motorized roller ways.

    Specifications on the (2) IMA Combima K/II/R75/975/F/R3:

    Working Capacity: 
  • Edgebanding capacity,  0.3 - 4 mm; (0.012 - 0.157"), panel thickness min./max. 9  - 50 mm (0.35 - 1.96") .
  •  Max. working width 3,300 mm (51.2").

    Squaring Section (each side):
  • Pre-Milling Unit 08.376, with 4.5 kW (6 HP) motor at 9,000 RPM each; vertical joining spindles w/jump movement and reversible rotation, with servo motor latheral positioning and manual SIKO digital read-outs.
  •  Hogging Unit 75.30, with 8 kW (10.7 HP) motor at 6,000 RPM each.

    Edgebanding Section (each side):
  • Gluing System: EVA (Hot Melt) glue with glue tank and floor based vacuum glue refill system.
  • Edge Magazine: Vertical 2-coil quick select and HD guillotine.
  • Side Pressure Section: Pressure rollers w/individual pneumatic pressure control for each roller.

    Workstations (each side): 
  • End Trimming Unit 08.42: High speed, double motor 0.66 KW (0.88 HP) motor each and suspended from the holddown beam, automatic chamfer adjustment 0° - 25° for speeds up to 30 MPM (98 FPM).
  • Rough Trimming Unit 08.055: Top & bottom flush trimming, 1.0 kW (1.34 HP) - 12,000 RPM ea. motor with "HSK 20" arbors. Superimposed motors, tilts up to 3°, operate against the feed (up-milling), large vertical tracing wheels, digital readouts for adjustments.
  • Multi Function Unit, 08.348: Top & bottom 0.66 kW (0.88 HP) motors with quick release motors and HSK tooling for fast motor change-over,
    NC motor positioning, cross-type (4) postion automatic tool changing for linear fine and/or multi profile trimming and Corner Rounding functions.
  • Profile Edge Scraping Unit 08.519: Top & bottom, NC controlled (4) postion multi porfile scraper, vertical & horizontal tracing  wheels and digital read-outs.
  • Glue Scraping Unit 08.50: Flat, top & bottom self-tracing glue scraper with reversable insert knifes.
  • Buffing Unit 08.612: Top & bottom (2) motor, (1) top, (1) bottom buffing unit, 0.18 kW (0.25 HP) - 1,400 RPM motor each.
  • Grooving / Shaping Unit: Horizontal spindle for grooving or shaping, 3 kW (4 HP) with automatic (pneumatic) engage/disengage action and digital read-outs for positioning.
  • Grooving / Shaping Unit: Horizontal spindle for grooving or shaping, 3 kW (4 HP) with automatic (pneumatic) engage/disengage action and digital read-outs for positioning. CNC controlled.

    Equipped With:
  •  Control System "IMATRONIC 100", large color LCD display; displays stored data, on/off work station sequence, troubleshooting diagnostic; data input by alphanumeric keyboard.

    Microprocessor adjusts according to stored programs or input; pressure section position & pressure control, vertical positioning of all holddown beam mounted workstations.
  • Heavy Duty Rolling Feed Chain with 80 mm wide x 60 mm long rubber pad inserts, central lubrication of transort chain, variable feed speed 9 - 45 MPM (29 - 147 FPM);
  • Motorized central height adjustment of top pressure beam with double V-belt holddown.
  •  Frequency inverters; Sound enclosure, all stations, all trimming & milling motors DC electrical motor brakes for immediate stopping.
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Special Note: Premier
Comment: Full IMA - RBO line hard to find and in such outstanding condition!
*Dimensions: Available From Product Manager
*Weight: Please Call
Written By: Victor Jimenez
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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